Why Healthcare Workers need Police Checks in Australia?

Australia is one of the highest-ranked countries with an advanced standard of healthcare in the world. This has been achieved because of the government’s unending commitment to the country’s welfare and safety. A police check as part of the recruitment process in the healthcare industry has produced tremendous results over the last few decades. Healthcare workers are made to undergo a police check, mainly if they are employed to cater for vulnerable people. This additional recruitment practice helps the industry to select the most suitable people for job positions in the medical field. See why.

Reasons Healthcare Workers Need A Police Check In Australia

To protect lives – The paediatric and geriatric population are among the most vulnerable people in medical facilities. Therefore, it is best to employ staff with a clean slate because costly errors could lead to loss of lives, which ultimately leads to lawsuits or some other medicolegal cases. By conducting a national police check, hiring managers can mitigate risks and improve the safety of a healthcare institution.

To build trust – Patients feel more comfortable when they know that their healthcare provider has no criminal past or malpractices. This builds trust and leads to long-term cooperation in the system. A national police check would always remain a recognized means through which staff or volunteers gain approval from patients and co-workers alike.

Compliance with the law – Senior citizens have quality standards for all their services. This includes residential care, home care, flexible care and other aged care services. Police clearance for staff and volunteers ensures that such individuals comply with the requirements stipulated in the Australian federal legislation register.

Accountability – A police check makes for accurate record-keeping in the healthcare system. Murder and sexual assaults are some of the most heinous crimes committed on vulnerable persons (The Paediatric population, geriatric populace, and persons with one disability or the other that prevents them from living independently). A police clearance or statutory declaration also implies whether a healthcare worker has to be supervised or can be left unsupervised.

To prevent fraud or theft – Healthcare facilities are prone to fraudulent practices. From stealing of medical supplies, overbilling patients, to false documentation. A national Australian police check or state based one like a police check in Victoria will assist to effectively combat such practices and lead to a healthier working environment for staff and patients alike.


The guidelines mentioned above have been made to assist healthcare providers and human resources personnel in adopting the right approach to staff employment. Working with vulnerable people is a sensitive issue in most climes. Therefore, healthcare workers need a police check to validate their position to a greater extent while serving as a means of quality assurance in the hiring process.

A police clearance will always remain an integral part of the success of any healthcare system. Since being implemented in 2007 and reinforced in 2009, it has become evident that a police check is an essential requirement for the wellbeing of Australians. Hence, all healthcare workers need one.