7 Popular Tourist Places to visit near Corbett National Park

The Jim Corbett National Park is a destination that sparks an excitement in you no matter how old you are. Situated in Uttarakhand, the national park is a sanctuary for flora and fauna, and the famous royal bengal tigers. While tourists flock into Uttarakhand because of India’s oldest wildlife sanctuary, you will be surprised to learn that it isn’t the only attraction in the area that you can visit and enjoy. The JIm corbett National Park has a string of other popular destinations around it, and it is worth your time to see these “other” tourist hotspots:

Sattal – The meeting point of Seven Lakes

Located just 123 kilometres from Jim Corbett National Park, the town of Sattal is famous for its migratory birds who flock in here. The small hilly town gets its name from the seven lakes that are interconnected and meet here, which explains the abundance of exotic birds in the region. You can book a hotel easily and stay here and go for bird watching, trek in the woods, kayak or go for a boat ride in the lake, nature walks etc.

Rishikesh – The Yoga Capital of India

Rishikesh is located just 142 kilometres from Jim Corbett National Park, and is famous for its tourist destinations and centres of relaxation, yoga, and adventure sports. Come here to participate in river rafting and camping, bungee jumping, mountain biking etc. You can see places such as the Lakshman Jhula, Rishi Kund, Geeta Bhavan, Triveni Ghat, and a string of temples and holy places. Spiritual and adventurous, Rishikesh is a major attraction for tourists to visit near Jim Corbett National Park.

Lansdowne – A town of British Reminiscence

Very close to New Delhi and situated just 132 kilometres from Jim Corbett National Park, the town of Lansdowne still holds on to its former glory in the ruined structures of British era. This is a place perfect for a weekend getaway. Come here with your friend over the weekend for a quiet stay in the woods and tell ghost stories around a bonfire on a cold night. Get a barbeque going and enjoy the spooky beauty of the town of Lansdowne. There can’t be a place better than Lansdowne for an old soul history buff because of the town’s history and scenic beauty. You can also go boating on Lake Bulla, visit Saint Mary’s church, go for nature walks, treks etc.

Bhimtal – A Scenic town with a Crystalline Lake

Bhimtal is one of those few quiet places you will fall in love with. Located just 165 kilometres from Jim Corbett National Park, Bhimtal sports the beautiful, crystalline Lake Bhimtal. You may not find many high-end or fancy hotels here, but it is less populated and therefore, much quieter for a hill station that attracts tourists all round the year. There are a few nice and warm hotels you can book a stay in, and a chat with the local people will be something you cherish. Go for boating in the Bhimtal Lake, paragliding, rappelling, rock climbing, nature walks etc.

Nainital – The Hill Station with a pear-shaped Lake

Nainital is famous for the Nainital Lake, which is a pear-shaped located in the heart of the city, or rather, the city is spread around the beautiful lake. Promising exquisite view of the scenic beauty around, Nainital is located just 151 kilometres from Jim Corbett National Park and just 20 kilometres from the town of Bhimtal.

Kausani – As exotic as a European Nation

Located just two hundred and forty kilometres from Jim Corbett National Park, this little village is still unknown to the tourist folk, apart from just a few particular ones who make it their business to learn about every small place in India. The village of Kausani is straight out of Europe, its hills, forests, and landscape remind you of the exotic beauty of Europe, particularly of Switzerland. It has some lovely tea estates, along with flocks of migratory birds that dot its skies. Come to Kausani for a lovely time with your friends and family and enjoy bird watching, go on nature walks, explore the countryside, and speak to the locals, getting to know and falling in love with the place.

Dhanachuli – The land of Apples

The small village of Dhanachuli is situated at a distance of 194 kilometres from Jim Corbett National Park, and is famous for its apples. If you have visited enough of Shimla, Darjeeling, Kullu and Manali, then Dhanachuli is your place to head to for an exotic experience in the remote quietness of the hills in the heart of apple orchards. Come here to see the Bhaalu Gaad waterfalls, which is very close to the village of Dhanachuli, go for nature walks and trekking, see the beautiful landscape of the village and watch fluffy white clouds float by over the woods.