Using Articles in English Grammar Exercises for beginners

Using articles (a, an & the) is a trick job in English Grammar. For the beginners of English Grammar in this session we are sharing some English Grammar Exercises for use of articles. In English Grammaer articles are divided into 2 types definite article (the) and indefinite article (a/an). You can use a for singular noun beginning with a consonant like a car or a boy. Similarly you can use an for singular noun beginning with a vowel like an apple or an egg. Article the signals that the noun is definite.

Exercises using articles (a, an & the)

These set of questions will help you to clear your idea about the rule and use of articles. Here 3 kinds of questions we added for you Fill in the blanks, rewrite each sentence and passage.

1. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the definite article ‘the’ wherever you think it necessary

________ Water is necessary to life.

________ Butter is made from milk.

________ Honesty is ________ best policy.

________ Egypt is called ________ gift of ________ Nile.

________ Ganges is ________ biggest river in India.

________ Italians are a very musical nation.

The minister visited ________ hospital last Monday.

I no longer go to ________ office on Saturdays.

________ Violins are expensive instruments.

________ Violins they build in Germany have a high reputation.

________ Horse is a noble animal.

________ God alone can save us.

________ Rose is ________ Sweetest of all flowers.

________ Himalayas lie to the north of India.

________ cow is a domestic animal.

________ Kolkota is in ________ Bengal.

It has been raining all ________ morning.

________ Indians have dark skins.

________ French live in ________ France.

________ tea without sugar is unthinkable.

________ tea without sugar is yours.

This is ________ best book of elementary chemistry.

My brother gave me a book. ________ book was a costly one.

I like ________ ceiling and ________ floor.

London is on ________ Thames.

Shakespeare is ________ Kalidas of England.

Mumbai is ________ Manchester of India.

________ books are essential for a student.

________ man is mortal.

She speaks ________ English fluently.

2. Fill in the blanks ‘a’ and ‘an’ in the following sentences

What ________ beautiful sight !

Is there ________ hospital in Barachana ?

Rama was carrying ________ heavy load.

One evening ________ beggar came to my door.

Beware of that fellow; he is ________ thief.

The lion is ________ noble animal.

Who can teach so dull ________ boy ?

________ Jena is enquiring about you ?

Italy is ________ European country.

Twelve inches make ________ foot.

________ little ship was on the sea.

Please come to have ________ cup of wine.

Everyone respects ________ honest person.

That was not ________ very honest thing to do.

Both the sisters are of ________ mind.

He likes to give ________ useful present.

Hari took ________ great care over the work.

I have never heard such ________ absurd story.

His ambition is to be ________ engineer.

Shakespeare was ________ famous English dramatist.

3. Fill in the blanks using Articles ‘a’ or ‘an’ or ‘the’ as required

The world is ________ happy place.

He drives ________ motor car at ________ uniform speed.

You must listen to ________ call of ________ suffering.

________ Ganges is ________ sacred river.

You are ________ fool to say so.

________ Reading makes ________ full man.

________ French is ________ difficult language.

________ Sun shines brightly.

My brother is ________ University professor.

He saw ________ European riding on ________ elephant.

I must go to ________ school to ________ headmaster.

I have not been to ________ cinema for several months.

Botham was ________ African by birth, not ________ European.

________ doctor said that was ________ hopeless case.

The hunter found ________ egg in the nest.

Benaras is ________ holy city.

Have you ever read ________ Ramayan ?

In ________ beginning she was ________ little shy.

That was ________ unique sight.

He is ________ honorary secretary of Red Cross.

Samuel got ________ best present.

Honest men speak ________ truth.

We wear ________ clothes to keep us warm.

________ Insect is ________ small creature.

Are you attending ________ dinner tonight ?

4. Fill in the blanks, where necessary with a/an/the

This is ________ village. It has no ________ electricity. There is ________ temple in the middle of ________ village. There is ________ large tank behind ________ temple. ________ villagers have ________ bath in ________ tank before they say their ________ morning prayers. There is no ––– hospital in ________ village. There is ________ school, but it has been without ________ teacher for ________ three months now.

5. Fill in the blanks with using Articles a/an/the

(i) Has ________ postman brought anything for me ?
I am expecting ________ letter from my uncle.

(ii) There is ________ public meeting in ________ city Hall this evening. ________ speaker has come from Delhi.

(iii) Can you tell me how to get to ________ railway station ?
“Yes, take the first turning on the left’, walk past ________ post-office and take the second turning on ________ right. ________ station is just about 200 metres down that road ?

(iv) There is ________ red book and ________ green book on ________ table in ________ library. Will you bring me ________ green one, please ?

(v) ________ fire broke out in ________ next street yesterday evening. ________ fire-brigade were fighting it till ________ early hours of this morning.

6. rewrite each sentence putting a, an or the wherever necessary

(i) He is poor man . He has wife and children to support.
(ii) His eldest child is boy of ten; youngest is girl of two.
(iii) Everyone likes kind of salesman who is polite to customers.
(iv) Andamans are group of island in Bay of Bengal.
(v) We travelled by plane at night, flying very high. The view from sky was splendid. It was thrilling experience.
(vi) What happens to all money he earns is mystery to us.
(vii) I went to borrow book from library, but librarian was on leave.
(viii) A number of accidents in city were reported in newspapers last week. Man was run over by lorry. Woman lost her life in fire. Student fell from moving bus.

7. Put a/an/the, where necessary in the following passage

On Christmas Day in year 1642, Isaac Newton was born at small village of Woolsthrope, in England. Little did his mother think when she saw her new-born baby that he was to explain many of matters which had been mystery ever since creation of world.

Isaac’s father being dead, Mrs. Newton was married again to clergyman, and her son was left to care of his grandmother who sent him to school.

8. Put a, an or the into these sentences if necessary

Is this ________ book, you were telling me about ? Yes, it is about ________ life of Mahatma Gandhi.

It is ________ interesting book. It gives a wonderful picture of what ________ life was like in ________ victorian times.

“Is there ________ grocer’s near here ? “There are several; ________ nearest one is just down ________ road on ________ left.

We always stay at ________ Ashoka Hotel because it is ________ only one with ________ facilities for ________ disabled.

________ English people are forever complaining about ________ weather, but in ________ fact ________ British Isles have reasonable climate on ________ whole.

This is ________ toughest meat I have ever eaten. It is ________ last time I eat in this restaurant.

We have just been on ________ holiday to ________ Lake Chilika. At ________ first we thought of ________ camping, but then we decided to stay in ________ hotel instead.

Although ________ brown rice is better for you, ________ most people prefer ________ white rice.

Do you think that I could ever learn to speak ________ English ________ way ________ English speak it ?

They say that ________ English language is particularly difficult for ________ Europeans.

Here is ________ picture of ––– village where I was born. It is about ten minutes by ________ car from Jagatsinghpur, ________ nearest town.

Her Husband is ill in ________ hospital so she has to stay at ________ home to look after ________ children instead of going to ________ work.

Because ________ sun was so strong, they decided to sleep during ________ day and travel ________ night.

What an interesting piece of ________ furniture ! ________ top is made of ________ teak and ________ legs are made of ________ iron.

Robin Hood is ________ legendary hero that ________ children learn about from ________ story books. He used to take ________ money from ________ rice and give it to ________ poor.