How to Meditate? – What are the benefits of Meditation?

How to Meditate? - What are the benefits of Meditation?

Do you ever explorer your brain? I can say it is bigger then the space. In front of your eyes how much you are watching you can watch more using your closed eyes. This is called vision in other words we can say the eyes of knowledge. Meditation begins with zero. Normally a human brain works all time we live. But the thinking & threading stops after we are in deep of sleep. You may heard the term YOGONIDRA. YOGONIDRA is nothing but a matured stage from the ocean of meditation. Let me justify how meditation begin from zero, I mean How to Meditate? Analyze your brain well, every time it is working to process our thinking & threads. After sleep do any time you found your brain is null. The correct answer is no. Here with the first challenge in meditation is by not sleeping can you take your brain to the sleeping stage. I mean can you reset to zero.

Physically we all are same but logically each human brain is unique. Data matters for our existence. According to data some are engineers or few are doctors. So meditation is a mental exercise to improve Quality & Quantity of a human brain. In our small life span we found very little time to understood our brain. In a normal living we do collect the information’s from our day today activities & uses this data when required.

You know BUDHA is the other name of Knowledge. Here I would like to ask you “Do BUDHA learned everything’s?”. How he became the temple of knowledge? What he did? I don’t know what you will answer for these questions but I can say he did pure meditations to achieve knowledge.

How to Meditate?

In the beginning of meditation if you found yourself with zero thinking for at-least 5 minutes. I let you explain more. Brain is like a CPU. Always it is ready to accept data. Rest is on you which & how you inject data. Once you are able to stay 5 minutes with zero thinking focus on your forehead. The point in between your eye brows. Imagine the dark space around you. This helps for wide vision & to stay cool. Like this there are many symbols & practices to improve your brain power using meditation.

To do meditation it is not compulsory that you will stay away from society like a saint. You can achieve the apex of meditation by residing with family & society. But you need silence & discipline. These are the two hands of meditation. Success in meditation is a time taking job. Regular practice & level of Concentration helps in Success. Once you are in success you can have phonetic effects. You can watch anything you want, you can feel anything you dream. You can know your future, you can have plenty of confidence or you can have business success.