Malaria Symptoms, Causes and Malaria Prevention Tips

Malaria Symptoms, Causes and Malaria Prevention Tips

Malaria happens due to female Anopheles mosquito. Female Anopheles mosquito carrying malaria parasites. When she bite on a human body she injects parasites to our blood in the form of sporozoites. In the later stage this sporozoites travel to the liver & attack liver cells. This causes Malaria. In malaria no treatments can cause death. So be careful about the disease malaria. If you have fever for more then 3 days. Including fever if your body vibrates. You found other symptoms like Chills, Headache, Sweats, Fatigue, Nausea and vomiting. Visit doctor ASAP. First Test your blood. Malaria can detected using blood test only. Preventives are better then the cure. So in this session let us discuss Malaria Symptoms, Causes and Malaria Prevention Tips.

Don’t Sleep in Dark

In dark night prefer to stay inside your home. Don’t sit outside where mosquito can bite you.

Wear Protective Cloth

At night wear protective cloth. Try to cover your body more then 90%. Every human body has a smell. Mosquitoes are capable to detect this smell. In dark night this smell helps mosquitoes to locate you. By protective cloth you can prevent 80% of your body smell from mosquitoes.

Mosquito Killer

Use mosquito killer with diethyl meta toluamide formula. Or else it is more better if you use bed net. Bed net not only protect you from mosquito it also prevents other inspects to reach near you. Make it a habit to sleep inside bed net.

Environment Clean

Keep your environment clean. In bad environment mosquitoes grow fast. In many cases of malaria environment is the primary cause.

Use fine Mesh in Windows

Protect your bedroom from mosquitoes. In doors & windows use fine mesh netting. Use air-condition to keep room temperature cool. Mosquitoes are less active in cooler temperatures. Before one hour from your bed time use mosquito killer.

Avoid Malaria prone Area

Pregnant woman and kids should avoid traveling to malaria-prone area.

Keep Anti-malaria Medicine with You

If you plan to travel other countries like Africa, Central, South America, Parts of the Caribbean Asia, Eastern Europe and South Pacific keep anti-malaria medicine with you.