What happens when you Die? – Life after Death of Body

In Creation everything has minimum two sides just like a Coin. Few pair are Day & Night, Sunrise & Sunset, Male & Female, Lock & Key etc. In this similar fashion you are also made with 2 objects. One is your Body & rest one is Soul. Body is Physical when Soul is pure Logical. I can say the relationship between Body & Soul like Lock & Key. Without Key lock will not work & Without Lock key has no meaning. I hope you got me. Let us discuss in brief What happens when you Die, I mean life after Death of Body.

Body n Soul

When death occurs body stopped operating & just with-in a micro-second soul left the dead body. Lets make you more clear, Like your Computer if Hardware get damage than what is the role of Software. Here soul is like software & your body is hardware. Now the soul is in Space. Here matter comes how this death occur. Is it a natural death or something else. If it is a natural death your soul will get immediate invitation by some envoy to the souls residency. But if its not a natural death, Your soul will not get any invitation. It will rotate in Space. I will discuss later in this article why like this?

The time a life formed inside ovary soul join the physical body in a certain point of time. Here you can say soul is like an electricity to begin a life inside. To believe this you can refer the pregnancy of the mother Rohini (the mother of Balram).

What happens just after Death?

So what is next, You have death and your soul is in Space near to dead body. Before move ahead let you know you can’t see the soul, you can’t touch the soul. It has existence but like the air. You can only feel it. Here let you clear is soul has its own memory. Yes. Soul can remember. As a life you have physical storage in your brain. And the time you have death it is dead. But the replica of this physical memory resides near the soul. Now your soul is in Space and he knows all of around the body. He is watching all are crying but he can’t tell them to stop. He wants to clear their eye drops but the soul can’t. In-case of a natural death as I discussed above few envoy will come to you. And they will offer you to move with them. If you are moving its OK else they will left you in the Space. Before they leave you, they will make you understood “If you go with them then after finalize your life balance-sheet you will have a new birth. No other black souls will not punish you in open Space. Finally, You have to go there. If not today with them then one day you will go automatically etc.”.

Many souls by listening the above prefer to move with the envoy. But very few souls after a natural death also not prefer to go with envoy. This is because of sometime after old age before death very few persons not able to detach from family, friends, wife, children or many other things depending upon the personality. Next you are in Space and envoy left you. Let you stay 2 to 3 days with your family but no body respond you. Their in there way. No body hears you, No body is even feeling you are there. And traditionally they are doing to 11 days death ceremony to cool your soul. Now your soul will start getting yap now I am in a different world. All my duties for this birth is Completed. I have to go the residency. But in-between if your soul will come contact with some bad soul it is tough for you to adjust with them. If they want even they can make problems to you. Your soul is new to that world and they are before a long days back with their unsatisfied hopes. Like the example we are facing problems in this real world, I mean when we are allocating to a new location or a job we are getting few days to adjust with new atmosphere.

Now let us talk about the soul who are not having a natural death. They have accidental death or something they need to do even after death. As I discussed above these souls are not getting any invitation by envoy. They will rotate in Space unless they full-fill their wishes. If they full fill their wishes or some body help them to release that’s pretty good. Or else it can be they rotate more than 100 years too with the unwanted revenge or painful memories.

Understood by Own

Until the soul understood by own no one will come to help the soul. There is a biggest Space and your soul have to meet many Challenges by here & there. Once the soul start getting ya now I am finished with my previous birth. No bodies from near my dead body is not mine now. The duties I have to play I am done with. I have no work more. Better I will visit Souls Residency. Then only they can have the journey to the souls residency. Until that Space & Only Space.

MOKHYA is very rare & it happens occasionally.

About Souls Residency it is the place where you have your track records. The System is so smart to calculates your each pluses even. Here KARMA, DHARMA, PAPA, PUNYA etc etc comes into. According to your set of results you will have yours next journey. One is towards the next birth only if your balance-sheet shows the required factors “Ya the things he did in his previous births can adjustable in next birth”. That mean you mistakes are Considerable. Else Second one is toward KALKOTHARI. Its better not to discuss inside. Its the room where souls made to punish physically for their most recent birth bad KARMA’s.

Until your soul is punished or not taken a re-birth the recent life memories are with your soul. Only after a new birth souls forget his previous birth memories.

Death is not more than a Sleep. Only in-case of sleep our body live physically.