What are the Main Responsibilities of Car Accident Lawyers in New York?

New York is considered one of the top states in the United States that comes to mind when talking about dream destinations. It is the home of some of the most visited spots in the country. People who go to the state have a glimpse of the iconic Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and the festive Times Square.

The state is also the fourth most populated area in the US. As of 2019, more than 19 million people live in Upstate and Downstate New York. Most of these residents live in the New York City areas, including the Kings, Queens, New York, Bronx, and Richmond counties. Because of the highly dense population, the New York City Police Department recorded 228,047 car accidents in 2018. Because of this, more people reached out to their car accident lawyer New York to help them deal with the repercussions of the accident.

However, not everyone knows exactly what a car accident lawyer in New York can do for them after a vehicular accident occurs. Here are the duties and responsibilities that these legal experts can do for any parties involved in car mishaps in the Empire State.

What Can a Car Accident Lawyer Do?

Car accident lawyers’ main task is to help accident victims receive financial compensation to pay for accident-related expenses like medical bills, lost wages, and vehicle repair or replacement. These legal experts can also help the victim file for claims to compensate for the pain and suffering.

If you are the injured driver, your car accident lawyer will provide various services to help you with the case.

Help Understand Your Basic Rights

Not everyone has an idea about personal injury laws, particularly during car accidents. So whenever a situation like this happens, you might have no idea what your rights are.

If you are not the responsible party for the car accident, you are not liable to pay for the damages incurred due to the accident. New York implements No-Fault law which means that anyone involved in an accident must file a claim with their insurance service provider if the accident caused injuries.

But under limited circumstances where the injuries you incur are permanent and severe, your car accident lawyer will help you file a lawsuit against the erring party.

Handles Investigations To Help Build A Case

Car accident lawyers often get busy to help you build a strong case against the other party if they choose to neglect all legal responsibilities after the accident. The legal expert works diligently to investigate all the accident details, round up all the relevant information and pieces of evidence like pictures, statements of witnesses, proof of damages, and police reports. They also help build and file the personal injury claim with the insurance company of the at-fault motorist.

If the insurance company attempted to lowball you with your claim, the lawyer would negotiate with the insurer to give you a fair settlement. If the insurance company still refuses to negotiate, the lawyer will represent in court.

Aside from all these tasks, the lawyer will also talk to your doctors to get more evidence for your claim. They will gather all the medical proofs that you suffered from injuries due to the accident. Once everything has been prepared, the legal expert will take your case to court as needed to help you collect fair compensation for the accident that you endured in New York.