Plan your Golfing trip after few packed Bags and a Set of Clubs

The perfect golfing trip needs more than a few packed bags and a set of clubs. It is a lot about approach and philosophy, as it is about the enthusiasm and intent. Here is how you can get started:

Know where you have to go

Scotland, Wales, England, Portugal and Ireland offer fantastic golfing vacations to all levels of players. UK Golf Breaks are one of the best among all golfing holidays. You just need to make sure; your destination matches with your preferred activities.

Who is in charge?

It is critical to put someone in charge of all the plans and games. If you have many strong willed players, make sure you take their opinions into account to avoid any ruckus during the holiday.

Avoid freebies

If you can, go for premium golfing holiday packages everywhere. Remember, you will get what you paid for. If you want the best services including a caddy, comfy golf carts and on course drinks, tries to book the first class packages. If necessary, cut your trip short by one or two days to afford the first class features of any golfing holiday.

Do not over-stuff

Most golf lovers kill their holiday plans by trying to cover too much in too little time. Over scheduling is the root of all sports holiday messes we see in Europe. If you think you can play two different courses in two consecutive days, think again!

Roadways can take you from one course to another in a day. Playing two different courses is a challenge. It is physically taxing. Over scheduling takes the fun out of holidays.

Take “Unavoidable Circumstances” into account

Plan for everything that can happen and that cannot. Crazy stuff happens to perfectly normal people all the time and they are one of the primary sources of the “Epic Fail” videos on YouTube and Facebook. Therefore, always keep at least a couple of hours free so you can accommodate any unexpected happenings without replacing your scheduled activities.

Take a deep breath. Enjoy

The trip is about you and your passion for golf. All the planning and the bookings are pre-holiday activities. You should not stand in front of the 18th hole and worry about your next day’s itinerary. Book your return ticket in advance. Reserve your tables at the nearby Michelin star restaurant at least two months in advance. Plan all your activities including spending time with your family before you board that flight for your dream golfing holiday.

Golf is a true gentleman’s sport. Now, golf is also defining a true gentleman’s holiday. If you do not like lazing around all day, sipping martinis and soaking up the sun, these golfing tours are perfect for you. You can get lessons from golfing pros and play on the best courses while enjoying your free time.

Author’s Bio: Sujain Thomas is a holiday expert who has been organizing golfing UK Golf Breaks for professional and amateur golfers. Follow her to find out your best chances to win a golfing tour across Europe.