Real Sad Love Story for Lovers – A Queen to whom I may not get again

In those days I am in +2 Science. Everyday morning She comes to pick up flowers from our Garden. There are 2 ways to enter in our Garden. One way is through my room & the other one is from our Garage. Generally Garage room is locked during early morning so she knock my door to in. Read below to know more about this Real Sad Love Story.

Generally I love to sleep deep during early morning. Nearly at 6 o clock when she knocks the door I felt little angry to wake-up & open the door. But the awesome thing I noticed She looks more beautiful with wet hairs. Everyday morning she has a good habit to take bath before Sun-rise. Daily after I open the door She wish me a Good Morning message with lovely smiles. Then she left towards Garden.

With the same story nearly after a month I found little affection for her. If any day she did not came to pick up flowers I missed her. In this status I decided to make friendship with her. In the next week with the help of my Sisters I got an opportunity to discuss with her. From this discussion I got to know She is elder than me & Continuing her Graduation in Science. After this information I blocked my affections towards her.

Days gone nearly after 2 months I received an offer letter from a leading MNC in Chennai. As per the date of joining I have more 7 days to left Bhubaneswar. She got to know this. After that from few events I observed She has also an affection for me. With this I got very happy but what to do? This offer is my first job, I need to go Chennai for a better Career Growth. Decided to take her contact number before move.

In Chennai I worked for 1 year. During this period we are in touch. Everyday in evening nearly 30 minute she made call to me on my Cell phone. We discuss many things like very close friends. Days gone and the day came when I back again to Bhubaneswar. That time she is out of Bhubaneswar & Staying in her village. I request her to meet me once at Bhubaneswar. She told me that after 15 days she with her family coming to Bhubaneswar permanently.

After 2 days they shifted to Bhubaneswar I invited her to a family restaurant. There we spend some quality time. Before left the restore we planned to visit puri together. Next week on Saturday, In a two wheeler we travel towards puri. In temple we spend nearly 2 to 3 hours & celebrate a lot in beach. After whole day together at 5:30 pm we drive towards Bhubaneswar. As per her She need to reach home maximum before 7 pm.

I remembered during those days when I am seeking for a job. Many time while applying job in internet parlour she provides company to me. Suddenly after a month I got a call from Chennai that I selected in a MNC with high package salary. I have to go for a face to face interview.

I hate to travel alone. After discussion with family members decided to go Chennai on 23rd. In evening when I met her I inform the same. Just by listening this the quicker lady replay back to me “Can I travel with you?”. I get surprised & start saying “but how… what you will tell in your home? where you will stay for a week?”. She says if you are agree to take me with you I will handle my family. You don’t need to worry. I can tell them that I am going to a friends village. I told no problem. Let me take 2 tickets.

Finally we together Travel Chennai for 7 days. Stay near to Chennai Central. To make the difference at entrance she told me to wear bindi & chudies. While I ask why she explain me in this way no one will think negative.

Like the above many accidents happened in our Love. Finally the day came when I need to make agree to my parents for her. I tried all my level best but how I expected things started going opposite. At no way I can able to convince my parents. Starting from age problems to bad mismatch like make pins they putted to break this relationship. Finalize my marriage and the day came when I had to travel bhadrak to watch my bride. I remembered near to Chandikhol the last SMS I dropped to her that “Finally, I am going to watch my bride. Hope we will not meet again.”.

Will always pray my lord to keep her Happy & Prosperous.