Sample Letter of Complaint to the Superintendent of Police

The walls of your locality are frequently disfigured by posters. During that time its a wise step to inform police. In this regard would you like to write a letter to the concerned police authorities. A police complaint letter should be written in respectful and polite tone. Make sure with your letter you mention all the details about the incident very carefully and well in detail. Sometimes, these details act as a clue for solving your case. In side the letter avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes. At the end of your letter never forgot to add phrases like ‘Sincerely’ or ‘Faithfully’ and write your name along with your signature.

Look at the below Sample Letter of Complaint to the Superintendent of Police.

Sample Letter of Complaint to Police

<Dated: ___________ >

<Your Name>,
<Your Local Address>
<Phone Number>
<Email Address>

The Superintendent of Police,
<Your Police Station Address>
<District with Pin Code>

Sub:- Regarding the frequent disfigure of the compound walls of our locality.


I wish to draw your attention to the growing threat of disfiguring of walls of private building through sticking posters, banners and other advertisement materials by various traders and business houses.

Some of the film posters are obscene and of bad taste. The advertisers do not have the minimum courtesy of seeking permission from the owners of the building and seem to think that, they have the right to put any poster or banner anywhere they like. I hope you will kindly appreciate that it is unlawful to disfigure the walls of private buildings and those who do so are punishable under law.

Attached to this letter enclosing supporting documents, photos, or evidence such as medical reports, pictures, etc.

I am willing to cooperate fully in any investigation or any further information as required. I request you to kindly make the public aware through newspapers and other media, of the illegal nature of such disfiguring of walls and the legal action that can be taken against those who indulge in such activities.

Yours faithfully,
<Your Full Name>,