Billy Joel wife Alexis Roderick Early Life and Surprise Wedding

Billy Joel, popularly called Piano man, has married a total of 4 times in his lifetime. In July 2015, he went ahead to shock his fans after getting married to Alexis Roderick, his fourth wife. It seems like after three failed marriages, Joel has finally found true love even with the 33-year age difference.

It seems like Joel went got married to someone outside the spotlight since never has anything been heard about Alexis before.

Early Life of Alexis Roderick

Interestingly, the same year of Joel’s first divorce was the same year that Alexis was born. In 1982, when Joel parted ways with Elizabeth Weber, his first wife, Alexis, was born. Alexis has not given any information about her background to the media; she seems entirely private.

Sources confirm that Alexis is of Irish descent.

In an interview, she disclosed her mother’s maiden name as Bridges and said that her grandmother’s father was Irish.

She is well educated, having bagged degrees in Economics, Latin Studies and Politics from Stony Brook University.

How Billy Joel and Alexis Roderick met?

Alexis worked in an office in Huntington, very close to a restaurant nearby in 2009, where she first met Joel. She claimed that Joel that day would get a meal at the restaurant, she wasn’t, but as fate had it, they met. They soon became friends after that and remained in friendship before starting to date.

As at the said time, she worked in Morgan Stanley with the role of a hedge funder. Their relationship is proof that age is just a number when you are in love as the age difference is over three decades.

Surprise Wedding

Billy’s philosophy of life reflects that for him, the most crucial thing that makes a man complete is love and not wealth. He had always wanted to settle down, have a family, and be happy; this was the philosophy that grew with him.

In Joel’s private estate, July 4th, 2015, after six years of dating, he decided to proceed to tie the knot with the love of his life. It was indeed a surprise wedding ceremony; media has it that even the guests never thought they would exchange vows that day.

In an elegant ivory dress, Alexis walked right on the aisle to tie the knot with her Joel; it was a beautiful sight to behold. The ceremony had dignitaries in attendance, one of which was Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York. Alexa Ray, Billy’s daughter, who also served as the maid of honor for her Dad’s third marriage, gave a beautiful speech at this ceremony.

Alexis was already carrying Joel’s child when they got married; she was about eight months pregnant. Her pregnancy seemed to make the wedding much more enjoyable. A reliable source disclosed that Billy was all obsessed about going ahead to becoming a dad once more. The couple has 2 daughters together, which are five and three years old, respectively. Della Rose and Remy Anne are the names of their first and second children together.


Alexis Roderick started working at an American Investment bank where she worked as a broker for close to three years. Alexis Roderick is today a registered representative for Broker-Dealer.

An Equestrian

One thing Alexis is passionate about asides from her family and career is horses. Reports have it that she is an accomplished equestrian in the United States. As a gift for his lover, Joel purchased a $3.5 million ranch for her in Wellington about two years ago.

Joel shows how much he keeps his wife’s interest as a topmost priority, as she always wanted a ranch of her own. Joel owns the horses; she rides them.