6 ways How a Man’s Life Changes Socially after his Marriage?

By the time the journey that starts from looking for the right partner through matrimonial sites or friends and family, ends with the wedding, it leaves both the bride and groom a little overwhelmed. Then comes a time for unlearning, adapting and reinventing a lot of what life used to be like. While many write-ups address how life changes for a woman once she is a wife, this one talks about what happens to men when they become husbands. So, if you are soon going to be the groom, here are 6 Changes after Marriage that you are likely to encounter once you have taken the pheras. Remember though that change is the only constant in life! So, being aware about them and staying positive will make your married life a lot smoother than you think.

1. Added Responsibilities

This one is of course a no-brainer. Once you are a couple, you will be responsible for your bride as well as yourself. You will have a household to run, a future to plan and a work-life balance to strike. Plus, you will be a son-in-law and brother-in-law, which means your extended family will have basic expectations from you. However, if you and your wife shoulder these in a planned way, things will become easy.

2. A different Social Life

Till now, your circle comprised of your family, friends and colleagues. Now, you will have a whole other circle comprising of your bride’s family, friends and colleagues too. The nature of events you will be expected to attend will change too. So, maybe the number of times you used to hang out with your pals might dip a little. But once you introduce them to your partner, both of you can have a gala time with all your friends! Becoming a husband also means meeting your wife’s relatives for the first time, attending functions at their places too, or even participating at your wife’s office events. But this can be a piece of cake as long as both of you appreciate each other and do the same.

3. Mastering the Balancing

In India, close to 60% of married men between the ages of 25 and 29 continue to live with their parents. Even if you don’t live in an extended family, there is still a balance to be struck. You will no longer be just a son, brother or friend. You are now a husband and son-in-law too. And these different roles might make you feel as if you are being pulled in different directions. Hold on though. With time, you will learn to balance it all and maintain harmony in all your relationships.

4. Focus on Career

If both you and your wife work, you both are likely to focus more on your respective careers after the wedding. You might feel the urge to work harder and bag better promotions to support your new family and improve the quality of life. However, make sure you spend quality time with your wife and share your thoughts and ambitions with her, so that both of you can be on the same page. Even if your wife chooses to stay at home and you start concentrating more on your work, it can all work out fine as long as you appreciate, respect and understand each other’s dreams and goals.

5. Lesser me-time

Once you get married, you go from uno to duo, which means that you will spend more time with your partner than yourself. Or, you might have more familial obligations to fulfil. But this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on me-time completely. Talk to your wife and figure out a day or a few hours in the week when both of you can pursue your own interests, which might not match. This will give you more things to talk about when you are spending time together.

6. Change in Spending Habits

Undoubtedly, priorities Changes after Marriage, and that’s the way life is. You may find yourself spending less money on certain things and more on others. Like, instead of spending a lot on your own clothes or accessories, you might want to spend more on a house, car or vacation. You might have to financially support either or both of your parents too. If you are planning for kids in the near future, you might have to save more for that too. That flashy new bike you wanted to buy before may not seem as tempting. However, as long as you are smart about money, both of you can enjoy a good life and build a secure future.

So, no… men don’t need to dread the Changes after Marriage, unlike Akash in Dil Chahta Hai or Bunny in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Though it is true that matrimony is a whole new chapter in life, the changes that come with it are mostly new and exciting. So, both partners need to keep an open mind to those changes. Being supportive and understanding will help both of you adapt and settle into the new rhythm of life as husband and wife.

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