The Real Ghost Story to proof Do souls exist after Death?

The Real Ghost Story to proof Do souls exist after Death?

World says unless until you watch something in front of your eyes you don’t need to believe on that. Then do Souls exist? In this matter I can say the previous statement is not valid. Soul is an energy. If our body is an electrical device, soul is the electricity. Do you able to view electricity? Similarly, we can’t view a soul but it was found we can feel a soul. From one of my personal experience I found soul is true. How & Where? before going to share you more about this, I can say this is an interesting story for Ghost lovers.

Basically I am from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. My father is a state Government Employee. He has one brothers who is UN-employeed. About my aunty she is a working woman. By profession she is a Nurse. During she was appointed by “Health & Family welfare Department of Odisha” she offered to start her job in a rural part of Odisha called Phulbani. Phulbani is nearly 210 km from Capital of Odisha Bhubaneswar.

During my uncle & aunty resides in Phulbani, my aunty get pregnant for first time. After this news, me & my family visited them. That time she is in six month of her pregnancy. From discussion we get to know she has some problems in her Ovary. Refer to doctor it can cause problem during delivery. As she is a Nurse we think they will not face any critical problem during the time of delivery. We stay with them for 6 days & before leaving my parents advice them to take admission in hospital before 3 days prior to the date of delivery (Suggested by Doctor). Also my mother committed to join them before 10 to 12 days.

Days gone & accidentally it was happened nearly before a month of delivery date suddenly in a night my aunty get started with labor pain & severe bleeding. Due to Phulbani is a jungle area its not wise to travel at night. Also at that time communication is not so good. In this case alone uncle has no option except he will wait until morning. Nearly after 2 to 3 hours of labor pain in between 1 to 2 o clock aunty deliver a dead kid. I think you can imagine the situation. Now what to do what not to do all are like a question mark. After delivery aunty get sleep. Alone my uncle decided to SAMADHI the dead body of his kid. At midnight 2:30 he started towards jungle with the dead body. After half kilometer he found a large jack fruit tree. Below that tree he dig a whole & did SAMADHI to the dead body.

After this incident my uncle & aunty decided to leave Phulbani. Ten days later they come back to Bhubaneswar. Asked my father to help him for transfer to some other district of Odisha. My father suggest them to stay with us for a month. He will help them for transfer. During the period they stay with us one incident happened. From that incident I found soul is true.

2 to 3 days later my uncle get fever. He continue some medicines but fever is as remain. On third day afternoon me & uncle are in bed. Aunty is just massaging my uncles legs for relaxation. Suddenly my uncle wake-up from the bed & started talking some statements from a different world. I & my aunty get surprised. When my aunty tell him that you are ill please take rest, he started telling her “I am hungry before a long day back give me rice & mutton curry”. In replay my aunty told you are in fever you can’t take rice. After this my uncle shout like a Ghost & kick my aunty. I & my aunty feared & run towards my mother. Every afternoon my mother & few of her friends play playing cards. We go there & tell her about the above. Immediately my mother get understood that something is going wrong. She & her friends come to my uncle. My mother is a brave lady, she has some idea about this kind of incidents. 2 to 3 minutes she called my uncle. When my uncle not respond her she told one her friend to bring drum stick leaves.

Now my mother is with bunch of drum stick leave & started asking “who are you?”. At the same end she beat my uncle with drum stick leaves. My uncle shouted & started telling “don’t beat me”, “don’t beat me”. I am Radhika from phulbani. When he was doing SAMADHI of his kid at that time I came. Then my mother asked you know he is Brahmin still how dare you came. She started crying & told “I want to see my daughter who resides near his house that’s why I came. Also I am hungry I need some foods. Without listening her story my mother continuously beat her, finally my uncle get senseless.

To remove that soul from my uncles body we visited some GURU, refer to him we did many processes & my uncle get relief. Now he is fine & living normal life. But from the above incident I started faith on souls. Soul is true & also I can say soul has memory.