How to Control Anger and Frustration in a relationship?

Anger is a property for all living objects. Generally it appears in inadequate conditions. When some thing goes beyond or below expectation every living object reacts. This is called Anger. Whether the time you teach your kid or you are in rush of traffic, Anger can hit you at any point of time. Wise personalities knows how to control Anger but if it goes out of control then problem arises. There is a popular proverb saying “Excess of anything is good for nothing”. This is completely true in the matter of Anger.

During you Anger your heart operates faster than the normal. The cause blood pressure level goes high. High blood pressure effects on metal health. You must noticed during heavy Anger your brain stopped decision making. It operates faster and try to find out shortcuts to resolve the inadequate conditions asap. Especially For high blood pressure patients it is advisable to keep control Anger. Excess Anger is harmful for them.

Anger can be suppressed or redirected. This can happens only when you can capable to hold your anger, stop thinking about the issue caused quarrel. Redirect your thinking on something positive story. Here the aim is to suppress your anger and convert it into more constructive behavior.

By default every human is dominated by 5 indriyas (KAMA, KRODHA, LOVA, MOHA & MAYA). Among these indriyas first 2 are most powerful. In a normal living it is very difficult to win over KAMA (SEX) and KRODHA (Anger). Depending upon physical fitness & metal health, factors for Anger varies from person to person. Anger never solve a problem rather it arises more Complexity. Correct solution only comes with peace of mind. Let us discuss some effective ideas using which how to Control Anger.

Do Meditation

Meditation is a best practice to keep Control over a human Brain. If you found you are incapable to control over excess Anger it is advisable for you to do meditation regularly. Daily twice once in early morning and once in evening make a habit to do meditation for minimum 1 hour each. While choosing a place for meditation prefer open area. Compare to bedroom meditation in Garden is more effective. In Open air during Yoga or Meditation body consumes more fresh Oxygen. Which keeps us fresh for whole the day. Freshness indirectly controls Anger.

Wear Sphatik Mala

Sphatik (quartz stone) is capable to absorb heat from our body. Collect original quartz stones and prepare a Mala. Wear it always. While you wear a Sphatik Mala it touches the back bone behind your neck. Which connects the back brain of a human. That’s why Sphatik Mala helps to keep control over Anger.

Keep Entertain You – Stay Happy

Excess Stress generates Anger. Entertainment is the best approach to reduce stress. Including day to day work load give sometime to keep your-self Entertain. Watch Comedy or lightweight programs in TV. Laugh more. During we laugh loud body absorbs more Oxygen. Play some interesting Computer or Video games. Weekly minimum once plan to visit some park or restaurant with your family members. Improve your friend circle. In free time avoid to stay alone, share time with friends or family members. Do gossipy or play some games in group.

Don’t hold a grudge or revenge

It was observed those who holds a grudge or revenge they are dangerous. Day to day grudge or revenge grows rapidly towards destructive plans. Internally the attitude for revenge generates mass Anger. Going forward which creates bad result for both the parties. Forgiveness is an awesome quality. If condition is not so odd try to excuse the party from whom you want to take revenge. In-case revenge is mandatory use your brain and without Anger try to take your revenge wisely.

Stay away from the origin of Anger

If some incident or story makes you Anger. Try to forget that incident. Don’t ever bubble that story in your mind. For an example if some Anti-social element hit you in a market complex. It’s wise for you to forget that after you safely rich at your home. Or else if you plan further to take revenge it takes the situation towards more complexity.