Need Guest Posting Sponsors for your Blog? Try Facebook marketing

Every blog owner seeks paid Guest Post Sponsors for his/her blogs. Like Google AdSense from your Blog you can earn using paid Guest Posting. Looking into the demand of Do-Follow links in market thousands of businesses interested in paid Guest Posting. Guest Posting is a best approach to white-hat link bulding. Now question comes “How and where from I can get paid guest post sponsors for my blogs?”. Did you tried with many ways but not getting the expected result?

Friends as a Blog Owner I experienced using Facebook marketing you can easily get paid or free Guest post sponsors for your blogs. There are few tricks you need to follow. Here in this article I am sharing those marketing tricks using which you can have Guest Post Sponsors for your blogs.

Facebook marketing Hacks for blog owners

As you know today facebook is the most wanted Social media. Million of users are active 24×7 across facebook. To take the benefit of these Social media users first Signup to Facebook using your mobile number or email id. Create a valid Facebook account. Login and update all basic details. Open “Groups” from left pan. Then start searching Guest Posting related Groups with keyword like “paid guest posting” or “free guest posting” or “guest posting services” or “guest posts for seo backlinks”. For each keyword what are the groups you found related to Guest Posting join them. This is a daily basis job. In 1 day join 30 to 40 groups at max. By joining more groups in a single day your account can penalize.

As many groups you join in timeline you will have more and more posts. Notice carefully here you will have 2 types of Customers “Blog Owners” who provides paid or free Guest Posting Services and “Sponsors” those are looking to publish their articles. Choose which type of Customers you need to target. Here lets talk about “Sponsors”.

Followed by the Groups you join after you got a Post in your Facebook timeline that “Abdulha Reheman” need Guest Posting Services. You can reach that Facebook user using Facebook massanger or by a Comment in his post about your Guest Posting Service. If possible share your blog URL with DA. While commenting include your contact email and whatsapp number.

In this way if you drive your facebook marketing after 2 to 3 days you will notice customers will respond you.

b2b Emails list from Facebook marketing

Email marketing works good. Getting leads email ids is a challenging task. Here in below paragraphs I am sharing few tricks using which you can grab business emails from Facebook. You can use this trick for any kind of email marketing but here let us focus on “paid Guest Post Sponsors”.

Install the popular Chrome Extension “Email Extractor”. Then using Google Chrome browser Open Google. Change your Google Search browser settings to show 100 records in for each search. Start Searching Strings like ‘ need guest posting “”‘ or ‘ free guest posting “”‘. Then using Email Extractor plugin copy all the emails to an excel sheet. In this way try with vaious guest posting services related keywords and list out all emails. Then Filter all emails and start doing email marketing.

Successful email marketing with this kind of emails list gives expected result. I noticed in this kind of Emails list bouncing rate is near to 10 to 12% only. Here I am sharing a link where I extracted more than some thousands emails using the above marketing tricks.

Demo Paid Guest Post Sponsors verified Gmail IDs

Share about your Guest Posting Servies in FB Groups

Build a business Caption with your Blog Link and a suitable image. Start Creating posts on various Guest Posting related Groups. Many Groups in facebook allow to post directly in their public group where some groups group admin need to approve your posts before posting in their group. Prefer instant publishing groups to post your business ads.

Create new Groups

Not only take participate in others group but also create some new groups with long tail group name. After Creating your group invite your friends and relatives to join as a member. Post all your business related Posts in the group. Bring new member to your group using link sharing in other related groups. Share your facebook groups in other social medias like twitter and linkedIn.