Best Google Adsense alternatives to earn from your Blog

There are variety kind of Commercial websites. To earn from websites the highest paying on-line advertising agency is Google Adsense. Google Adsense provides best CPC rate than others. But many times our blog or websites are not getting approved by Google Adsense Team. Google terms & conditions are very strict. Due this many web publishers cannot use adsense ads on their sites. Let’s talk about a non-content based websites. Adsense not provides ads for non-content based websites. It’s against the Adsense policy. Now what to do. This is a common question to many new webmasters. In below I am sharing some of the best Google Adsense alternatives where you can join as a Publisher. They are not paying like adsense but if your site is a high traffic portal then using these ads you can earn from you blog.

From my personal experience I know Quadabra is a genuine performance based on-line advertising network. Quadabra and their platform is simple and easy to use. They pay regularly. They are having smart customer care. They do payment in Paypal. The minimum payment for Paypal is only 1 dollar only. For wire transfer 500 dollars is the minimum payment. Sign-up today & Start earning from your websites.

Among the best alternatives of Google Adsense Chitika is in number 2. Chitika was founded in May 2003. Chitika provides contextual ads like Google Adsense. You can use Chitika Ads with Adsense. The minimum payout for Paypal is 10 dollars. They also pay in cheque, for cheque minimum payment is 10 dollars. Sign-up here to create a Chitika publisher account.

Bidvertise is an another Google Adsense alternatives. They have good banner ads & high CTR rate to get the best results for your website. In Bidvertiser all standard of ad formats exist, however, and the payouts are excellent. The minimum payment for Paypal is 10 dollars. By cheque 100 dollars. They focus on Targeted text ads. Bidvertiser do not accept adult content or pron sites. To join Bidvertiser as a Publisher, Sign-up here.

Clicksor is one more best Google Adsense alternatives. It provides Text, Contextual & Pop-up Ads. More then 2 lakhs pages are running with Clicksor ads. They Share up-to the 60% of their commercial ads. The minimum payout in Paypal is 50 dollars. Sign-up to Clicksor here.

Infolinks is a CPC ad network. Using infolinks you can earn from your Keywords. According to the keyword density this ad act up-on your web pages. Infolinks claims to be leading the industry with the most relevant in-text advertising links and the highest revenue share. Infolinks commits Highly relevant In-Text ads for your site visitors with record high conversion rates. They pay via Paypal, Wire Transfer, Cheques, Western Union and Payoneer and there minimal withdrawal limit is 50 dollars. Infolinks supports multi language platforms. Join Infolinks publisher program here.

Kontera is a similar ad network like Infolinks. They provides text based ads. This is a PPC program, so it depends on your CTR percentage to earn money. Kontera pay you via Paypal or Cheques with the 50 dollars initial limit, and you can use it with Adsense. Create an account with Kontera.