22 High Domain Authority Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking is a system where you can organize, share and store your bookmark information’s. Many times during internet browsing we found some important links to store. In Window we are storing our favorite links as a favorite item. The same when happening online this is called social bookmarking. Since 1996, there are plenty of high Domain Authority Social bookmarking sites. In SEO social bookmarking helps a lot for backlinks. Some of the bookmarking Sites provides do-follow links and some of are no-follow links. Webmasters need to practice in regular basis he/she need to share their links in various Social Bookmarking Sites. It helps for better ranking in Google like Search engines.

Using the power of Social Bookmarking sites

Using Social Bookmarking sites not only you can store your favorite links but also you can explore your friends or others favorite links. By self a social bookmarking site not contains any resource. It provide link for the original resource. You can also add description to your links in many social bookmarking sites. For better SEO the time you are Sharing your link practice to add unique descriptions for your links. Used focused keywords while bookmarking a business link.

Social bookmarking sites are excellent in marketing quality. It helps to building relevant incoming links, Targeted visitors, More Traffic for shared links, Helps the audience to locate your business. Some of the popular dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites are:


List of high Domain Authority Social Bookmarking Sites

Quora.com – Quora is a Question Answer site. Using this portal you can put your queries into web platform. They have million viewers. With in 24 hours your Question will answered by many solution providers. You can follow others using this platform.

Facebook – Facebook is the most hottest Social Media platform in web. Mark Zukerburg is the Founder of Facebook. Using post feature from Facebook you can bookmark your links. Facebook provides no-follow link from bookmarking. Using Facebook Ads you can drive bulk traffic to your links.

Twitter – Twitter is similar app like Facebook. This an another popular Social bookmarking Site. Here you can post your business details with images and links. Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass.

Pinterest – This is a popular image sharing site in web. The main page of this Social platform comes with Ajax loading. Its like a timeline. Like facebook here you can post images with 500 words description. If needed you can add link to the posts.

Reddit – Reddit is an american social news aggregation and content rating website. To post with them you need to Submit your story with description, images or links. It was noticed reddit links are getting indexed in Google. For SEO reddit links are much valuable.

Digg – Digg is a Social news platform from America. The organization was founded on December 5th, 2004. Digg headquater located at New York City, United States. With this platform you can share any kinds of posts. Large number of followers from Digg give better visibility.

Scoop.it – Scoop.it is a Content marketing platform. You can create your online journal with Scoop.it. This site allow posting feature like facebook or twitter. For article marketing this is a suitable channel. Scoop.it is well popular in united states.

Slashdot.org – Slashdot is a well popular Blog. They published various articles related to science, technology, and politics. The website was founded in 1997 by Rob Malda. You can bookmark your links with them. This is a famous Social bookmarking Site in web.

tumblr – Like Facebook and Twitter tumblr.com is an another well popular Social bookmarking Site. In this app you can follow n number of followers. From sharing to posting all you can do with tumblr. This app is mobile friendly.

Mix (Expand your Mind) – Mix is a website ranking and discovery tool. Its office located at San Francisco, California. Founded in November 2001. Using Mix you can create personal feed of images, videos, gifs and more. Discover the gems of the web, personalized to you. Join Mix. Explore some of the gems discovered by 81,797 curators.

Plurk – Plurk is a free social networking and micro-blogging site. It was founded in May 12, 2008. This is a chinese platform. Its corporate office located in Taipei, Taiwan. plurk is a good rating site among demanded social bookmarking sites.

Pearltrees – Pearltrees allows users to organize, explore and share any link. Pearltrees owned by Broceliand. It was hosted in the year 2009.

Soup.io – You can have latest news about various Technologies, Several Sports, Health Tips, Popular TV shows, Hot Movies, Games and Science at Soup.io. You can also bookmark your link with them.

Xing – Xing is a job posting platform. Using job posting here you can bookmark your links. This is one among the most wanted Social bookmarking Site.

Url.org – url.org is a pure bookmarking Site. In this app while submitting a link you need to provide description. This is a free Site. To open your account you don’t need to pay. After Signup using Add link button you can add your links to this platform.

lilisto – lilisto is a online website to Import, save, sort and (re)discover your bookmarks. Using this bookmarking site you can Add bookmarks directly from your browser. They have plugin for Google Chrome.

whitelinks – Store your bookmarks online for free. Signup with whitelinks and start saving your links with them.

if you are a webmaster start putting your links in above Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites. It will give you a great result for Organic search. Social bookmarking is a platform to build social networks and relation among the people who share their links with each other. With the rapid increase in social bookmarking sites, new uses for the technology have been observed. Nowadays, many companies have started using social bookmarking sites as an online marketing and reputation management tool.