For MP3 Generation how Loud of Noise causes Hearing Loss

At present, many teenagers always carry their earphones with them and these earphones are best companion for them, this is because the popularity of the portable music players has become more trending and famous one in recent years. According to the new study journal published by American medical association, hearing loss in teenagers is about 30 percent higher now in which on average, one in five adolescents have been suffering from hearing loss. The problem is believed to be due to the fact that the teenagers listening to the loud music for longer period of time. Many professionals agree that there is a more coalition between prolonged earphone exploit and hearing defeat and many people believe that the use of earbuds or earphones while hearing to the loud decibel is probable culprit. The risk of hearing defeat mainly occurs in the young adults. It is actually a threat and many of them seem to be falling on hearing problems and finally lead to the deaf ears.

How does the Noise Cause to Loss of Hearing?

The ear is made up of three parts and that work together to process sounds namely the inner ear, middle ear and the outer ear. The part of the inner ear is called as the cochlea and this contains microscopic hair cells where these hair cells help in sending the sound messages to the brain. When these microscopic hair cells get damage in the inner ear permanently or temporarily then this causes the hearing loss issues in your ear. While those microscopic hair cells can bounce back after a loud concert, habitually exposing the microscopic hair cells to loud sounds and this may permanently cause those hair cells stop functioning.

Type of the hearing loss due to prolonged earphone use is typically cumulative, gradually and without obvious warning signs. A hearing medical and test examination are the only way to truly diagnose the hearing damage. If you or your teenage friend is experiencing any of the following symptoms then they should consult the physician immediately.

1. Difficult in understanding the speech where there is a background noise such as at a public or party place.

2. Listening to the radio or TV at a higher volume than in the past.

3. Roaring, buzzing, ringing or hissing in the ear.

4. Hearing muffles sounds and feeling that the ear is plugged.

How much Loud of Noise Cause the Hearing Loss?

Both the volume of the sound and the time you spend on listening to the music where this can set you at threat for sound induced in the hearing defeat. Sound levels are deliberated in the decibels or dB in which when the decibel level is higher than it is a louder noise. Generally the noise beyond 85dB can cause the permanent hearing loss and 60dB noise is considered as a normal one for the conversation. The portable music players are capable of producing the sound levels that ranging anywhere from 60dB to 120dB. With the volume all the way up you could hear about the 120dB.

Treatment for the Hearing Loss

The sort of hearing issues caused by over disclosure to very sound music is irreversible one and once the loud noise damages your hearing then it is usually too late to make your hearing as like before. Unlike damage to other parts of your body the damage made inside the ear never heals. Over time more and more hair cells get damaged tour hearing capability will get worse and worse. The hearing implants and aids can help in amplifying the sounds and make it easier to hear but they merely compensate for the nonfunctioning or damaged parts of the ear. Since the damage is most likely unrepairable, your key priority is to find the best pair of hearing aids that are proven to work from a highly-respected brand like Oticon.

Hearing loss and the MP3 Generation

It is no secret that teens today and those of the past people have always liked to listen to their favorite music in loud volume. But with the technology developing, battery life gets increased and the ear buds apt in your ears sealing of your ear canal, where the stereotype headphone of music device will create more problems than ever thought. The statistics shows that the increase in hearing loss is caused due to many factors and many others proves that more hearing protection is needed in order to reduce the problem and effect caused by the serious hearing loss.

The simple solution to this issue is that to hear the music in low volume and this can help you to get out of the effect caused by the loud music in step by step manner. When you hear your favorite music in less volume then you can avoid many ear problems and you can also enjoy your favorite song in better way and you can also get relaxed from your stress and work tension. Before using the headphones make sure that you use the proper earbuds and hear music in medium volume so that you can protect your microscopic hair cells that affect the hearing loss.