4 Reasons you Should Opt FUT Hair Transplant Technique

It is a well-accepted and admitted by every one that Hair Transplant Technique is a single permanent option to get back the natural hair that is performed by the Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon. It has been approved scientifically that hair follicles have the ability to regenerate when they are implanted in the area other than their natural site. This is confirmed and a permanent option to get the natural and appealing outcomes.

There are two main techniques of the hair transplant procedure that is scientifically approved and has a prime role in the step of the hair follicle extraction from the safe donor site. The donor site, which is usually, targeted from the back & side of the scalp also known as the occipital & parietal part that has the ability to get resistant to the effect of the DHT (Di Hydro Testosterone) hormone. The hair transplant cost in India, especially for the FUT technique is lesser as compared to the FUE technique added benefits of the great number of grafts.

Now we must consider the getting benefits of the chosen technique in the hair transplant procedure as these techniques allow a Surgeon to offer the best aesthetic outcomes of the procedure. The extraction step is only that decides the whole success of the procedure.

Why is FUT the Best Technique for the Hair Transplant Procedure?

1. It gives an Enduring Hair Follicles

The FUT stands for follicular unit transplant that facilitates the extraction process by targeting the safe area, hair roots, which is usually taken from the back & side of the scalp usually resistant to the effect of the DHT. The DHT is the only responsible agent behind the hair loss/fall and the aim of hair transplant procedure is to provide that kind of hair roots that will be lasting till life. Therefore, the FUT hair transplant is considered as the best option if you are thinking about getting an enduring solution of the hair loss.

2. It is a Scarless & Painless Technique

It is a big myth among people that the FUT technique leaves scars as it involves the strip excision that needs incision and suture. Nowadays, with the advancement in technique and equipment, it is completely a scarless technique. The recognized clinics and leading Surgeon focus on the advanced closing technique of Trichophytic closure that leaves zero scars after the procedure. However, it is a scarless technique. With the use of local anesthesia, if applied with the right management, the procedure is a painless too.

3. It gives a greater Number of Grafts

Since the FUT technique involves the strip excision for getting the graft therefore it is possible to get a greater number of grafts in a single time, whereas in the FUE it cannot be possible because it facilitates the option of single punching in a single time, followed by the punching machine results in a very number of grafts that is not sufficient for covering the higher grade of NW class.

4. High-density Transplant can be achieved

The high-density hair transplant procedure is only possible with the FUT hair transplant along with the getting an option for covering the higher grade of baldness. The strip of the skin that is extracted from the back & side of the scalp contains the hair follicles in a greater amount and allows a surgeon to facilitate the option of giving the high-density hair transplant as well as the cover the higher NW class with all the aesthetic touch of the hair transplant technique.


On the whole, we can say that the FUT technique is not only wise decision to take the procedure, but it also confirmed the outcomes of getting the high-density hair transplant with the benefits of the painless and a scarless hair transplant procedure that must be performed by the best hair transplant Surgeon.