Cosmetic Procedures makes Hair Transplantation natural looking

Hair transplant is a procedure which one undergoes to enhance the physical appearance and to gain the confidence back. So, in order to achieve this the procedure should be such that it gives the dense hair back. It should not be noticeable that one has undergone the surgery and it should be permanent. With the modern hair transplant techniques it is possible to get the natural looking result provided experienced surgeon does it. Although it is a cosmetic procedure meant to improve the appearance but if not done properly it can make the things worse. There are many cities in India like Delhi where hair transplant is done with proper procedure. Hair Transplantation in Delhi is done in a structural manner.

One of the point in favor of the hair transplant is the natural looking result but for that doctor should follow the points that makes it aesthetically appealing.

It is the extraction of follicles rather than the bunch of hair. Earlier the procedure was done using hair plugs, which gave the result of doll like hair. Extracting and transplanting the hair follicle has made it look more natural.

The age of the patient should be kept in mind while doing the procedure. The person of 50 years should not have hairline of 20 years of age, as it will make look very unnatural. One should know and make the hairline as per the age. The hairline should not be a straight line rather it should have the natural irregularity and should follow the male pattern. The hairline should not be unnecessarily low.

The surgeon should know that in different areas of scalp the hair have different directions and should try to follow the same while doing the surgery.If the direction of natural existing hair is not followed then the hair will stick out straight and will look ugly. The crown should have the natural whorl pattern rather than placing the grafts in straight line.

The extraction of the donor roots should be done in such a way so that it should not look very obvious. That means large number of follicles should not be extracted from a single area, rather it should be done in a random manner so that it is not noticeable once the surrounding hairs grow.

In case of FUT, where a donor strip with hair follicle is harvested the wound is closed with sutures. One should always keep in mind that the resultant scar should not be noticeable while placing the sutures and some surgeon close the wound with trichophytic closure so that the scar becomes less visible.

The surgery looks very simple but if the surgeon does not follow the minor details then it can have disastrous results.

Author’s Bio: This article is contributed by Dr Sangay Bhutia a hair restoration expert in India. She is running her clinic for hair transplant in India with innovative and extensive solutions to bald people with great treatment of hair transplantation. So, getting ready for hair transplant is fair enough to get rid of baldness.