Ultimate Hair Care Routine you Should follow this Summer

If you’re an ardent fan of indulging in a self-care routine, you must not forget about your hair care routine. Frizzy hair, split ends, hair fall and dry hair are all hair-related problems that need your attention before you repent it in the long run. If you are suffering from these hair troubles, it’s time to invest in a good hair care product. Indulekha hair oil is a must-have hair care product that will help you relieve all hair-related issues such as hair fall, dandruff, frizzy hair and split ends. Indulekha hair oil comprises 13 natural ingredients that work to their full potential to protect your hair.

Hair Care Routine to follow

Apply the indulekha hair oil twice or thrice a week, and you may even leave it overnight for better results. Once you apply the oil, massage it onto your scalp with your fingers to ensure it seeps in better. Next, you can wash off the oil with a mild shampoo followed by deep conditioning your mane for effective results.

Apart from using this amazing hair oil to tame all hair-related issues, there are a few other hair care regimes that you can follow for a longer and stronger mane.

1. Cover your Hair

Just like you apply sunscreen on your face before stepping out, you must cover your hair before going out. No matter what season it is, you should either wear a scarf around your head or a hat, which will provide adequate protection to your hair, resulting in minor damage.

2. Style your Hair in loose Styles

Longer hair means more hairdos to try. If you love styling your hair often, make sure you go easy on the styles. The tighter you tie your hair, the more breakage will happen. Loose and comfortable hairstyles should be your choice. For your referrence some of the loose hairstyles are Half Braid, Barrette, Clip Back, Classic Messy Bun, Messy Pony Tail, One Loose Braid and Half Ponytail with Scarf.

3. Wash less Often

You’re wrong if you think washing your hair daily will keep them squeaky clean. The more you wash your hair, the more it’ll strip off the natural oils, resulting in your scalp producing more natural oil, which in turn will make your hair oily faster. Wash your hair twice or thrice a week with a natural shampoo. If you have an oily scalp, dab a cotton ball to soak in the excess. After bath use pure Cocunut Oil is your hair and scalp areas.

4. Reduce the Heat (hairdryer, curling machine)

Go easy on hair styling tools such as the hairdryer and a straightening or curling machine, which can result in drying your hair and causing more breakage.

Spritz, Seal and other herbs for your Hair Care Routine

Make a concoction of aloe vera, water and avocado oil and spritz it all over your hair to keep it moisturised and nourished. You can even mix a little argan oil with water to tame dry and frizzy hair.

Chinese hibiscus stimulate hair follicles and increase follicle size. Once in week eat 1 hibiscus kada. If you are pregnate woman then don’t use this therapy during your pregnancy.

Bacopa monnieri contains alkaloids thought to activate proteins responsible for hair growth. In a week twice a time take brahmi Oil hair massage. This remedy prevents hair fall and feature baldness. Promotes scalp health.

Holy basil (Ocimum sanctum) is popular for its healing properties. Daily in morning eat 10 basil leafs. It may help prevent hair loss caused by dandruff and itching.

Fenugreek seeds contain hormone regulating compounds. Hair loss cause by hormonal imbalances can be treated with this herb.

Follow these hair care rituals to tame hair-related issues. There are some popular indian herbs like Shikakai, Henna, Bhringraj, Amla, Fenugreek, Neem, Aritha and Lavender. Save your beautiful hair, use this herbs while possible. To prevent hair loss, grow Shine or prevent Breakage with your regular diet you can consume salmon, sardines, mackerel, Greek Yogurt, Spinach, Guava, Lean Poultry, Sweet Potatoes and Cinnamon.

Indulekha hair oil has been proven to clinically reduce hair fall, prevent premature greying of hair and treat a host of other hair-related issues. This hair oil bottle comes with a comb-like structure, which makes the application of the oil easier. However, you need to use this oil for a minimum of 7 days for effective results.