Uses of Beetroot for improving the overall Health of your Hair

Who doesn’t know what beetroot is? It’s one of those vegetables that we always garnish our salad with. Soaking beetroot in vinegar and eating it with your meal, is one of the best moments of any family dinner. But did you know that by Uses of Beetroot you are not only satisfying your appetite but also improving the overall health of your hair? Yes, you heard me right! Beetroot can be very beneficial in promoting good hair health, and to be honest, I have read many articles online related to beetroot hair dye. Yes, it really exists, and the end results are awesome. Beetroot is a plethora of nutrients, main vitamins such as Vitamin A and C, calcium, iron, carbohydrates, potassium, folic acid, and so much more – all of which are essential for good hair health.

This happened recently to me. One of my very close friends was suffering from dandruff, itchiness, and hair fall. She consulted several doctors, all of which suggested her to go for something chemical. Now there comes the issue. My friend is very firm on not using any chemical products in her hair, and she wanted a solution which is more natural. So, we consulted an herbalist, who gave her a solution that really stunned me. Can you guys guess what it was? The clue is in the main title of our article (duh!) It’s beetroot, of course! And you will be amazed to know how powerful this tiny pinkish-red vegetable can be. Read on to find out more.

1. Say bye bye to Baldness

One of the most prevalent conditions that most men in their early age and female in the later age has to go through – Balding! Almost every people give in to balding, and very few fights back, or even try to do something about it. The excuse behind that is usually – ‘My balding is genetic’. But what if I told you that you can prevent baldness by having to do almost nothing. Just peel a beetroot, and have it as a salad every day. No harm is done, but at least your precious locks are still with you. Thank me later!

2. No itchy itchy

Scratch! Scratch! Scratch! How annoying it can be to have a companion sitting next to you, who goes scratchy-scratchy all over her scalp. Next time, you find yourself in such an itchy situation, suggest your friend to try making a hair mask out of beetroot juice. Beetroot juice will reduce the itchiness caused by dry scalp almost instantly. This hair mask can be used almost once or twice a week.

3. No more Dandruff agian

Raise your hand,if you are frequent towards noticing white snowflakes in that beautiful black dress of yours, thanks to dandruff. I don’t know about you, but I sure am. I hate dandruff, they make my scalp itchy, dry and even reduce the strength and shine of my hair. I have tried several solutions before, but none of them has made me as satisfied as beetroot has. I created a hair mask using some coconut oil and uses of Beetroot juice. Applied it in my hair and left it like that for almost 30 minutes. Rinsed it with water, and voila! The dandruff was gone. So take my advice, and next time you go through a case of a bad hair day or have a problem in getting rid of dandruff, just apply some beetroot juice to your hair. It will not only remove dandruff but also add shine to your hair.

4. Adios Hair Fall

Till now we have read how beneficial beetroot can be to prevent baldness, itchiness, and dandruff. But that is not the end of it. This magical vegetable can also help you in reducing hair fall. With the current scenario of increasing pollution in the air, even people with the densest and thick hair, are having problems in reducing the amount of hair fall they are facing. When I was in my junior year, my hair was as thick as a bundle. But after I passed my senior year, it got reduced to a mere thin ponytail. But that didn’t stop me. I tried several products none of them helped, and my last resort was beetroot hair mask. It really changed my life, as it comparatively reduced my hair fall to a large extent.

5. Providing Nourishment to your Hair

Beetroot is loaded with nutrients. So much of vitamin, folic acid, calcium and potassium – all of which work great for your hair. Your hair not only needs the sun and air, but it also needs nutrients. Masking your hair once in a while with uses of Beetroot juice will ensure that you are doing exactly that. So follow my advice and go for a hair mask made out of beetroot juice and watch how it adds shine to your hair, make it more luscious, longer and strong.

So, there goes my list on the top uses of beetroot juice. You will be amazed at how beautiful and better your hair feels after you have tried beetroot juice in your hair. Trust me, I have regained the bounce in my hair, which I felt was long gone, and so have my friends.