6 Tips to Help you make an informed decision on Beard Transplants

Beards are becoming a trend now more than ever – more like a style for the menfolk. Beards have been used for ads and are coming back to stay. People grow a beard for many different reasons. The first and obvious reason is facial aesthetics. Some people see a beard as a sign of male ruggedness, and others consider it as an escape route from the stress of shaving often. Interestingly, beards were very uncommon in time past, but today’s generation of men are passionate about grooming beards with the many available hair products on the market. Overall, a beard is now making a statement.

What about you, have you got a beard? If not, the reasons are not far fetched. The problem could be traced to your genes or an injury that has breached facial hair growth. However, you can have a beard. Yes, a beard can be yours today via a beard transplant. This treatment has advanced to the level where your newly reimplanted hair will look and feel more natural – the hair comes from your body, though. So, how do beard transplants work? We will answer that by explaining 6 things you need to know if you’d have a beard transplant.

What procedure is used? A follicular unit transfer (FUT) is typically used for many beard transplantation. Here, up to 2,000 donor hair is harvested and transplanted per time to achieve full and well-textured facial hair. The surgeon will create tiny incisions on your face (where the beard will grow). This will define how the beard will grow and the growth direction. The donor hair will be implanted in the incisions, but the patient is given a local anaesthetic before that.

What is the source of the donor hair? The hair to be transplanted is the donor hair and is usually obtained from the back of your head. This is where the hair is very thick and resembles that of a beard. This way, the surgeon can achieve a beard transplant with the same colour, texture, and consistency as other hairs on your body.

What is the duration of a beard transplant? In around 8 hours, you would have completed your beard transplant. You will need several weeks to recover from the surgery and grow a full beard.

Post-surgery, what happens? Between 15 to 30 days after your hair transplant, you will notice that the new hair is falling out. Don’t fret; it signals that your transplanted hair is just about beginning a growth cycle. After around 90 days, your beard will finish growing, and many of the hair follicles will remain deeply embedded. Around 4 months post-surgery, your facial hair will start covering its growth area, and within 9 months, your beard will be fully grown.

Do beard transplants come with risks and side effects? Many surgical procedures will present risks like slight bleeding and infection, but you will hardly see such in a beard transplant. Sometimes, follicles of hair may suffer inflammation and infection. Even at the donor site, it is possible to experience scarring, but the hair will regrow in that area as time goes on. The outcome of this treatment will be different depending on who is getting the surgery. Based on this, it is advised that your expectation be realistic.

Can you get a beard transplant? Provided the hair on your scalp is healthy and strong, it is possible to have a beard grown on your face. For most men interested in a beard transplant but are experiencing male pattern baldness, their options have many limitations. Keep in mind that a procedure like this is costly, and there isn’t always an insurance cover for it.

Our final words

Even if you have difficulty growing hair because of genetic factors, an injury or scarring, Turkey Hair Transplants can help UK people to get beard transplants in Istanbul, Turkey. This way, hair can be regrown on different parts of your face lacking hair like the moustache, goatee, cheek beard, and sideburns. We have a lot of experience and expertise in hair restoration treatment, which has helped so many people regain their self-esteem.

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