Best Homemade Beauty Tips for Girls to look Gorgeous

College age is the golden days. All Cuties want to look more & more beautiful. Before leaving towards college minimum a hour we spend in makeup. Many of us visits beauty parlor monthly minimum Twice. In the college age we love to wear fancy ornaments. Yes beauty affects personality. In this session let us share few best homemade beauty tips for Girls make them more sexy & attractive. These beauty tips are complete natural with no side effects.

Avoid Soap

Bath everyday. Use milky soap for your body. To clean your face prefer to use face wash rather then general soap. Face is the most sensitive area in your body. Using general soap it can dry your skin. Take care of your hairs. Weekly twice clean your hairs with shampoo. After shampoo massage oil in your hair. Oil helps for more silky hairs & prevents hair loss. To look more beautiful use light brown hair color. According to your personality choose your hair style. About your hair style it’s better to take suggestion from beauty parlor. Try hair clips & hair bands to know which looks more on you.

Apply Turmeric on your Skin

Monthly twice use turmeric powder & mustard oil paste for your body. To prepare this paste take some 5 to 6 spoons turmeric powder add some mustard oil. Mix it like a paste. 1 hour before bath massage this paste well into your body & face. Turmeric helps to protect your skin from several skin diseases. The regular massage of turmeric & mustard oil paste brings more whiteness to your skin. It also removes unnecessary body hairs. Do fruit facial at least weekly once. Avoid bleaching.

Stay Fashionable

Choose your College costume wisely. Prefer matching colors. Wear ear ring. With regular interval update your ear ring style. The time you plan to purchase fashion ornaments move with your friends. Take their suggestions about which ornament looks more beautiful on you. For glowing lips use light color jelly lipstick. Jelly lipstick will look more sexy on you. Practice to wear lovely bindi. Bindi provides simplicity to your personality. Keep the position of bindi in between eyebrows. Take care of your nails. Keep your nails 1.5 centimeter with round head. Apply dazzling nail polish to look more attractive. Choose color which match to your costume & personality. When you plan to remove nail polish from your nails. Don’t scratch your nails hard. Use nail polish remover. Shoes & Vanity is also part of your personality. Choose it correctly the time you purchase.

Keep your Eyes Attractive

Twice a month shape your eyebrow. Practice to wear kajol in eyes. Using kajol your eyes will look more beautiful. Regular use of kajol can prevent your eyes from various infections. During makeup take lite makeup around your eyes. If you found dark circles below your eyes apply natural home remedies to remove this. Dark circles looks odd in College age.

Use branded Sun-scream & Fragrance

Apply sun-scream lotion before you left your home towards College. Keep minimum makeup materials in your vanity. In the matter of fragrance choose branded products. If you wants wet look use hair gel. Wear good quality inner below your dress. If you found you need to wear brassiere choose quality one. Remove Underarm hairs.

I hope with the above beauty tips you will look fabulous in your College. Have a Happy College days.