Going to purchase property read our Vasthu for House and Plots

Going to purchase property read our Vasthu for House and Plots

Buying property is not a joke. To purchase a property sometimes we invested our years of income. There are several types of properties we purchase in our day today living. But a property like our own house, car or business assets comes vary rare in life. Specially the time we are purchasing our own House or a plot we need to aware of few things. In the old age of Hindu culture there are many views regarding the law of nature & how it affects our normal living. This is called “Vasthu”. Vasthu is a Sanskrit word. The meaning of Vasthu deals with House or the plot of Land. Like we do farming Vasthu affect in real-time. In the matter of farming an irrigated land is far better then the desert. By nature we have enough space. But before own a plot or house you need to know about Vasthu for House and Plots.

In the past pages of history there are several examples about many miss leading plots or houses. Vasthu obeys miss leading plot or house can destroy life, career, mental balance, health or property. So before purchasing a plot or house its wise to consult with a Vasthu specialist. In many cases it protect us from accidental loss of life & property. In this session let me explore some of the key points those you have to focus before purchase your own house or a plot for Construction.

Verify the Land

Where you are going to purchase your plot or house be conscious about that land. Keep a note if that land is a cemetery before, prefer to ignore that property in first priority. After purchase if you got to know the same invite some Vasthu specialist & verify the land before reside there.

Main Door Entrance

If you planned to purchase your new residency in an apartment, the entrance of the block will be considered as the main entrance. Before purchasing the property give priority to choose your main door entrance towards north or north east. It helps you & your family members to protect from infrared rays in hot noon.

Placement of POOJA room

In our house POOJA room is a place which creates positive vibes in atmosphere. According to Vasthu sastra the correct placement of POOJA room can bring prosperity, good health & wealth. Always prefer POOJA room in north-east corner of the house. Avoid to place POOJA room inside bedroom, kitchen or opposite to toilet. Colors you can prefer for your POOJA room can be white, soft shades of yellow, blue or violet. In house don’t use bell in your POOJA room.

Generally wind flow from south to west. Choose your bedroom according. Plan to take the benefit of natural winter.

Position of Dinning

Dinning hall must never get exposed to the entrance door of the house. Many times while our family is on dinning table at the same time a guest can sit on the hall. It’s better step to plan you dinning inside. In-case of a 1 BHK you can use well cotton screen to separate your dinning hall from the entrance.

Position of Kitchen

Avoid to purchase a house which has a kitchen in north-east corner. Don’t keep mirror in your kitchen. Avoid kitchen or toilets must not be placed in the center of house.

Direction for Kids room

Avoid kids room in south-west direction. You can place your kids bed in south-west corner. Avoid mirror in the opposite wall of bed.

Choose Garden

Prefer to Choose Garden, play ground or open space must be in the northern or eastern side of the house.