8 quick Hair Care Tips makes the best out of this Summer

It is that time of the year again, for us to experience all the fun the world has to offer and make enough memories to last us through the cold times. It’s all about the beach and the pool this season. But every good thing in this life has a catch, or isn’t it? You may be among those that reserve bragging rights for your fabulous hair, but the sun may not be fair to your hair in the summer. Are you thinking of finally considering it? Well, here are 8 easy hair care tips that with ensure you sail through smoothly.

Walking out in the summertime is not the same without having to stop by the store and grab yourself a couple of body products because we are continually looking out for our beauty. We all know that the sun is harmful to our skins, but have we thought about our hair? You probably should consider this the ideal time to spot the best hair trimmer because everything feels better with a new haircut on good healthy hair.

Condition and Moisturize

As you run by a store to grab some sunscreen and body products, grab yourself some living conditioner for your hair. Since the heat will draw away moisture from your skin, the scalp will dry up and damage the hair. Conditioning and moisturizing will help restore some moisture in your hair and hence retaining the softness and bounciness of your hair.

Avoid heat on your hair

The summer has nothing to offer you but too much heat for company, so go slow on the blow dryers. As you know, heat tends to be harsh on your body and almost always damages the hair shafts.

Since the sun is already causing too much heat on your hair, there is no need to use more heat. Instead, you can wash your hair a couple of minutes earlier before leaving the house; then you can air dry as you busk.

Trim your hair

Cutting hair is always a scary thought for most people, but if ever there was a time to try a new haircut, this is it. The hair is almost always growing, and during this hot season, the Hair Care Tips shafts are usually dry, broken and split.

Trimming ensures that you keep the healthy hair and also allows more room for growth. You can trim it yourself or turn to a professional, but either way, this is a necessary do for healthy hair.

Tie your hair up in a bun

Are you constantly battling with frizz? Well, this is not something you can always control in this hot season. Because of the certainty that frizz will catch up with you along the day, an easy tip is to tie your hair up.

Remember to keep the bun loose because too much strain on your edges will break your already dry hair.


Your skin generally requires to stay moisturized to avoid cracking and maintain that healthy glow. Increase your water intake during this period, and the body will respond positively to you.

Another fun way to hydrate is to go swimming.

Use hair products sparingly

It is awfully exciting to use up a good amount of product in the summer, but it is wiser not to. A lot of hair chemicals dry up the scalp, and this does not work to your advantage during the summer.

Try staying away from strong hair coloring, and if the summer finds you having freshly colored your hair, avoid going out as often, as the sun leads to color fading and excessive hair dryness. If you have a lot of errands to run outdoors, lean towards hair products rich in moisture, but make sure to wash your hair once you get home.

Cover up

It is tough to stay indoors during summer time, and therefore an excellent way to get around that is to cover up when going out. Use bandanas, scarfs, hats, and caps to protect your hair, just like you would opt for those sunglasses for your eyes.

Wash your hair less

This is only because washing your hair entails the use of shampoo. Shampoos are made in a way to wash off even the natural oils on the skin, which makes your hair dry.

When you resolve to wash your hair, do it mildly, go easy on your strands and opt for conditioner instead of shampoo.

So, if you were worried sick about the summer messing with your healthy hair, you do not have to anymore. Grab these easy, quick Hair Care Tips and makes the best out of this summer.