More Commonly happening mistakes on doing Kapalbhati

The real meaning for kapal is forehead and bhati means shining, when you start doing this kapalbhati yogic practise method your face glows shiningly and also with good radiance in inner mind. This kapalbhati pranayama will strengthen the abdominal muscles and makes the respiration process effective and in a right way. There will be faster exhalation and moderate inhalation involved in this kapalbhati pranayama. While doing kapalbhati pranayama you need to sit in a comfort way in padmasana position. While sitting your back should be straight. Keep your face in a relaxed way.

Take good inhalation on both nostrils, while doing inhalation expand the abdomen region, while in exhalation it must be forceful and there should be contraction of abdominal muscles. Exhalation must be done by nose. Once exhalation is complete, you can again start doing inhalation. Inhalaton process to be done effortlessly. During inhalation what you need to do is inhale, relax then air will be occupied in lungs. Then the cycle goes continuously with inhale and exhale. Beginners must do it carefully this kapalbhati pranayama, if found with any discomfort, stop practicing this method.

Health benefits of Kapalbhati

1. Your respiratory system is completely cleansed up, thereby removal of toxins in it naturally.

2. On regular practise of kapalbhati pranayama, the blood circulation is enhanced throughout the body and the cells get well oxygenated blood.

3. Digestion process is performed properly.

4. It will make the mind to work properly by supplying with good amount of energy to it.

5. Your mind gets relaxed well.

6. The muscles surrounding abdomen are strengthened.

Precautions to be followed

If you have any of the troubles or health conditions mentioned below, then please avoid doing this kapalbhati pranayama.

1. Hypertension

2. Hernia

3. Severe asthmatic case patients

4. While doing kapalbhati, when dizziness or pain is found, stop doing it.

5. Cardiovascular diseases

6. Faster exhalation shouldn’t cause any difficulty, if it causes such discomfort and difficulty then it must be stopped immediately.

More commonly happening mistakes on doing kapalbhati

1. Your shoulder is contracted during exhalation, but it shouldn’t contract so.

2. During performing kapalbhati pranayama your shoulders and back region gets moved, but it shouldn’t move.

3. On inhalation process your abdominal region is contracted, actually it shouldn’t contract at all.

Things to remember

There are certain things you should always keep in mind while performing this yoga technique, they are discussed below.

1. Kapalbhati pranayama must be practiced only on an empty stomach, that makes ease of doing without any discomfort in abdomen region.

2. Fast breath must come from abdomen; you shouldn’t perform rapid breathing on chest region.

3. When you’re not comfort to perform kapalbhati, better quit it initially and don’t start it.

4. In kapalbhati pranayama, your chest region should be without any movement.

5. Initially if you have any health issues please discuss with your yoga therapist and then start doing it, never do this kapalbhati pranayama of your own, it is unsafe and you need to be monitored and do it under well trained yoga therapist.

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