7 effective Ways to reduce Hair fall Fast and Naturally

Hair loss is one of the common problems which is affecting almost 1/3 population in the world. It has been found that average people lose 100 hair on daily basis and this is not something that you should worry about as it’s a natural phenomenon. There can be many reasons behind hair loss including diet, mineral deficiency, environmental problems and might be due to genetics.

If you’re one of those people who are worried about losing hair and looking for reducing the hair loss then there are 7 major ways that help you to fight against baldness:

1. Wash Your Hair With a Mild Shampoo

Washing your hair on daily basis with a mild shampoo can greatly reduce the hair loss and keep the scalp clean. Additionally, it reduces the risk of infection and other hair problems. Moreover, it keeps your hair clean which looks more impressive and high volume.

2. Scalp Massage with Coconut Oil

Coconut is an excellent conditioner which proved to be beneficial for all types of hair. If you’re facing the issue of thinner hair then this oil can help you to grow longer and thicker hair that you desire. So, must do a scalp massage with coconut oil and eventually, it will keep your hair follicles active.

3. Use Proper Supplementations

If you’re facing severe baldness then you might be looking for some hair transplant to get your hair back but it can be very expensive and you may not get the results you’re actually looking for. So, use only the supplements which are approved by FDA and proven to give great results. For further information, you can read Foligen review for a perfect hair solution.

4. Avoid Brushing Wet Hair

Brushing the wet hair can increase your hair loss tremendously because in wet form, they actually in their weakest state. So, avoid brushing wet hair and you can use your fingers to undo tangles.

5. Rinse Green Tea in Your Hair

Studies have shown that green tea can combat the hair loss problems. If you don’t know how to do that then just follow these few simple steps:

  • Brew two green tea bags in a cup of water.
  • Wait for few minutes to let it Cool.
  • Apply it to your hair and rinse thoroughly.

For optimal results, you can practices this regularly or at least for a week.

6. Avoid Smoking & Perform Essential Physical Activities

You may not aware of this but smoking can also be the major reason for your hair loss. It reduces the blood flow to the scalp and stops the natural growth of hair and results in hair loss. Avoid smoking and performing these essential activities every day such as walk and swim 30 minutes in a day to activate your hormonal activities and to get it to a normal level.

7. Avoid Consistent Heating & Drying

Don’t dry your hair frequently or letting them to constant heating process can greatly affect your hair and it leads to weakness and fragility which results in hair loss.


Hair loss has been the major problem nowadays and affecting a large number of people including men and women. There can be many reasons for hair loss, just you need to replace your bad habits and causes with healthy activities and practice all the essential ways that lead to strong hair growth. Make sure you’re not missing proper supplementation as it’s best alternative than an expensive hair transplant method.