How to improve Concentration & Memory Power for Kids?

Kids memory is a fluctuating memory. This is the cause your kid is securing less mark in exam. Concentration is the pillar to education. To achieve a strong memory the initial stage is the power of Concentration. Concentration brings better memory. If in the childhood we will improve our kids power of concentration I think it will effect voracious on the real stage of social afiares. Rather reading a chapter 10 times its far better if our kid can remember the same in 2 times. In this session let us discuss how to improve concentration & memory for kids.

Improve Concentration

You may noticed while you are teaching to you kid your kid is watching to here & there many times. This is due to less of concentration. Which is a major cause to fluctuating memory. By doing practice to regular concentration can resolve this problem. In morning & evening tell your kid to do meditation for 15 minutes each. What he/she understood from meditation that not matters. Only tell your kid to close his/her eyes & hands on the knee with Abhaya Mudra (using your thumb press the nearer finger tip hard). In the same end tell him/her to pronounce AUM.

Optionally it is better if your kid can do 1 to 2 minutes Sirsasana after meditation. Sirsasana improves better blood flow in brain.

Memory Tricks

Use tricks to trend your kids memory. Let for an example to remember the number of operating systems like Windows, Linux & Mac you can refer WLM. I know this is not a suitable example but hope you understood the concept behind.

Consume Memory Boost Foods

Provide memory boost foods for you kids. Advice them to eat more fruits & vegetables. Bring berries and cherries for them. Improve their intake of Omega-3 fatty acids. Few of the fatty acid rich foods are Seafood, Algae, Fatty Fish, Salmon, Bluefin Tuna, Flaxseed oil, winter squash, pinto beans, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, soybeans & sardines.

In place of normal tea choose Green tea. Green tea is rich with poly-phenols & antioxidants that protect against free radicals that can damage brain cells. To develop you kids brain provide him/her Junior Horlicks, Bournvita Little Champs & Protinex.

Exercise the Brain

Tell you kids to spend time on tricky games. It helps to exercise the brain. In place of watching TV tell them to explore computer or to play TV video games. Share time with your kids. Keep them fresh. Discuss general knowledge related chapters while sharing time with you kids. Ask them about there school. What he/she did? What is the homework for the day?

Generate little Fear

Below age 5 don’t pressure your kids to learn. Do some thing such a way that he/she need to tell you “Papa I have to do my Homework.”. There are several types of kids. Few are quicker few are slower & few are very cleaver too. Know well to care their nature at the time of teaching them. During teaching if required generate little fear for them but don’t ever beat them.


Make your kids Laugh more. During Laughs brain absorbs more fresh Oxygen. Laughs are very effective for memory Improvement. There are several programs comes of TV related to your laughs. Sit with your kids & watch these programs.

Entertain your Kid

Monthly once take your kids to Zoo, Science park or Planetarium. In this matter I can suggest do family picnic monthly once where your family will get entertainment as well this is beneficial to your kids memory.

Herbal Therapy

The fresh root of Clitoria Ternatea grind into a paste. Take it as a dose of 1- 3 grams with ghee or butter twice a day. It helps to increase memory & intelligence.