Is Self-Care Only related to enhancing your Beauty?

Self-care has been a trending topic on social media for a long time. However, we love the concept behind it as it is about taking care of yourself and doing things you love. Many beauty influencers associate self-care as a beauty routine that you need to follow. It has led people into feeling pressured that they must focus on beauty. The meaning of beauty is different for every person, and we do understand living with insecurities. Self-care can be anything; it can be taking care of your health and ensuring that you are well mentally too.

Self-care can also be investing in supplements and vitamins to boost your energy or make you feel stronger. It is crucial to select an excellent pharmacy to buy supplements for yourself. 90daymeds is a newly launched online pharmacy website that has high-quality supplements and medications. It is relatively easy to order medicines online and have them delivered to your doorstep. You can also call on their official number or helpline to place an order. The order reaches you faster than you think and all supplements or medications are in excellent condition. Hence, the first step towards self-care should be taking care of your health.

How to make Self-Care, not related to Beauty?

Beauty standards make people feel pressured into looking a certain way. Self-care is a phenomenal concept, but it still makes people think that it is all about beauty. We will suggest some ways to take care of yourself internally.


People often consider meditation to be boring and something that does not work for them. However, if you find the right kind of meditation for yourself, you will feel so much at peace. You must give mental health as much importance as you give to physical health. Try to take out at least 10 minutes before bed or in the morning to meditate. It helps in making you feel grounded and at peace with yourself. Meditation does not have to be listening to guided meditation; you can paint or sit and breathe. Try to eliminate unnecessary thoughts out of your mind and instill calmness in yourself.

Spend Time off Social-Media

Social media has been a bitter-sweet journey for many people. Often, we put our mental health at stake and start comparing ourselves with different people. Hence, try to filter people out of your social media and often spend time without scrolling through your phone. Go on a walk without your phone and spend some time with yourself. You will feel more connected to yourself and at peace.

Slow Down

We are always rushing in the morning to reach wherever we want to on time. It is essential to slow down, wake up earlier than usual and take things slow. If someday you feel like staying in bed all day, take the day off if possible. Learn to forgive yourself and give yourself a break when you need it.


Self-care is crucial to boost your productivity and feel enthusiastic about living life again. It does not have to be restricted to beauty. You can do so much more to feel better about yourself and mentally stronger such as exercise and meditation.