Tips to keep Control over unwanted Sexual Desire

This session I am specially presenting for our modern generation to make them win over unwanted Sexual Desire. You may noticed uncontrolled Sexual Desire sometime creates unacceptable problems. I am not saying Sexual Desire is not good for you but everything has it’s own time & boundaries. In many case we observed Sexual Desire breaks the boundaries of limitation. Which creates major problems for you. Do you agree for 10 minutes pleasure can you break your life time achievements. I know your answer is definitely “No”. But it happens.

Every Human has 5 indriyas KAMA (Sexual Desire), KRODHA (Angriness), LOVA (To find Something), MOHO (Love for Own Peoples) & MAYA (Living with the lie this is mine). These are the elements which generates negative energy on you. As a normal human it is near impossible to win these indriyas. Let us not discuss more on this except the first one KAMA. This is the leader of all 5 indriyas. This generates Sexual Desire. It’s true if you surrendered your-self near KAMA, he will destroy you in the mid age of life. KAMA is like a naked fire. How much you will help him to burn it will burn up-to that extend. To take control over KAMA knowledge & meditation are the best medicines. Coming back to the topic “How to keep Control over Sexual Desire?” let me share you few key points.

Make Practice to Overtake Sexual Desire

Honor the statement “You are your Own Boss.”. You know more about your properties & faults. If you want to control your-self no body can disturb you. You only know the percentage of Sexual Desire you have. You know when it comes & how it goes. When it comes make practice to stay cool like a matured adult. This habit help you to control unwanted Sexual Desire. Today in this modern living it can possible you can have unwanted Sexual Desire at any time of the clock. It can happen even in a running train or in your college campus too.

Avoid to watch Pornographic Videos

Today Pornographic Videos are doing very good business. From market research it was found above 70% buyers of Pornographic Videos are unmarried young generations. There are some limitations to watch Pornographic Videos. If you are married & you are with your wife it’s OK to watch these Videos. But alone in the mid age of time it is not a good habit to watch Pornographic Videos. As I told above Sexual Desire is like a naked fire. By watching Pornographic Videos you are helping your Sexual Desires to burn.

Keep your-self Busy

Unwanted Sexual Desire harms more if you are free. Utilize your time to learn, to create or to enjoy with your family & friends. Avoid to stay alone. In case you are alone & found Sexual Desire affecting you, do some painting or play a piano. Here my intention to tell you divert your thinking to some other areas rather rotating with unwanted Sexual Desires.

Stay away form Dirty Stories & hot Pictures

Today in the market you can easily get hundred of adult magazines. Those are rich with dirty Stories & hot Pictures. Avoid them to purchase. Don’t waste your money & time. In the young age dirty Stories & hot Pictures generates dirty mapping in brain. Which indirectly helps to boost your Sexual Desire.

Wear Quality Underwear

If you found uncontrolled Sexual Desire hits you frequently in a day choose tight & high quality Underwear. While going out-side it is very common for us we use underwear. But for the above case make practice to use underwear for whole the day. At night avoid to wear underwear.

Do Meditation & Learn Sex

Meditation brings better Living. Do meditation to control your fluctuated brain. Every day a hour sit cool with closed eyes. Focus on the center of your eyebrows. This state of meditation helps to generate concentration. Concentration is the only solution to your fluctuated brain. More Concentration means you have more power over sex to Control. Sex is a chapter to learn. Don’t only enjoy from Sex. Know the value of Sperms. Read how Sperms affect your memory & physical fitness. Before ending this subject let me tell you Sex is the origin of life. Sex makes us happy. Do Sex wisely don’t rotate behind for Sex.