How to do Eye Makeup? – Makeup Tips for Big Eyes

Women are beautiful and the most attractive creatures in the world, and no one can not agree more about that. Of course for women, the most important think is their appearance. And for that reason, they try to do anything possible to make theirs more and more attractive. Two things being the most popular issue among women are cosmetic and makeup. That is because by doing some makeup with some cosmetic you can improve your appearance and being more beautiful. Makeup also can increase the confidence, and performance of a woman. So that is why makeup and cosmetic can not be separated for women.

However, every woman have different type of face. there are many different faces with different skin colors and different shape of, eyes, lips, nose and etc. So that is why there are some makeup expert give some makeup tips and tricks for every different makeup.

One of the most popular makeup tips is about eye makeup. This is important to be known by women around the world because every people have their own unique eye shape and different eye color. So that makes those tips for different eye shape are needed.

If you have big or small eyes, you may confuse about how to do eye makeup because it is possible that you need more eye makeup tips to make your eyes more attractive. That is why in this article, we will give you some eye makeup tips for you who have big eyes.

Eye Makeup Tips For Big Eyes

Women who have big eyes are very fortunate, because it will make the owner looks exotic, mysterious and more attractive. That is why big eyes are one of the most powerful weapon for seduction and are very beautiful. Women with big eyes have to take care those gift and be grateful to God.

It is also pretty easy to apply some makeup to big eyes. The thing you need to do is just to take into account some tips and tricks to help further enhance about its appeal and get it looking in perfect harmony and balance with your other facial feature.

These are the tips:

1. First, to make your perfect makeup lasts for hours, before you do start your eye makeup, you have to prepare your skin. The thing you need to do is cleansing thoroughly with an adequate cleansing lotion or using a facial foam, and then you apply a moisturizing cream you usually use for your skin type. After that, create a balanced skin tone by applying your foundation, and do not forget to apply it also in your eyelids. Then you can apply a little translucent powder.

2. For your information, when you applying eye makeup tips for big eyes, the important thing is that the aim is to highlight its natural beauty and make it more attractive. If you want natural and bright makeup for your face, you can do eye shadows in soft tones with a touch of shimmer to convey brightness. However, if you want to balancing the size of your eyes with your other facial features and make your eyes stand out, dark tones and matte eye shadows are perfect. And if you want, you can try smoky eye makeup style which will help highlight your look and the natural color of your eyes. Also then you can apply the shadow along your lower lashes for a more intense makeup look.

3. You can try some trick to visibly lengthen your eyes to blend eye shadow right to the outer part of your eyes if you have large but also very round eyes. This tips will give you an almost almond shaped eye for your look, and it is important not to exaggerate this effect because it could look too artificial.

4. Apply black eyeliner is also one of the best choice for big eyes. It is because as you already know, applying this to the lower eyelid will dwarf eyes. However, you have to take note that this look will be ideal for you if you want a super intense and deep look. If you want to lengthen the shape of your eyes, draw thin line flush with the upper lashes.

5. The last thing to do is simply apply a good coat of mascara to the upper lashes to dazzle with stunning eye makeup. You have to void putting this product on the lower lashes if you do not want your eyes looking bigger and more expressive than they already are. This is important to remember because in some cases, there are women with big eyes who are just try everything they want to do for eye makeup and then they get a bigger eye look for their face.

Beside eye makeup tips and tricks we discuses above, you better take into account the following mistakes which might actually compromise your eyes beauty. Those thing are avoiding framing your eyes with light shadows around the lower eyelid, highlighting the corner of your eyes, applying white or beige eyeliner to the lower inner lid of your eyes, using light colored eyeliners, and the last is using too much concealer. Those mistake is to prevent your look from the unexpected result.

Even thought there is so much fun and most women feel happy to do makeup, there are still some of them who do not like makeup at all. They may just put it on because of their work or just in some occasional party or even. However, makeup is important to increase woman confident.

It is also true that you also need more budget if you want to buy some of it. And as you know that some makeup product is very expensive. However, still the best choice is to learn some tips and trick to apply makeup like eye makeup tips for big eyes for your special moment with your beloved people. Because certainly you will need it some day. So just try and enjoy the look you created.