How to improve Memory Power and Concentration?

Memory is a key segment of our life. Strong memory power comes with Healthy brain. Memory helps in education to all our day today activities to log. Every one wants to achieve a quicker memory. Memory builds career. Human memory is build with pure bio-logical cells. Regular practice & exercise to brain development techniques can improve Memory Power and Concentration. Here I am giving a case study how our memory works.

Exam your Memory

Let’s assume you are in the sleeper coach of a busy train. Many passengers are near you. There is little rush & all are talking to each other. Due to rush you move to the upper berth (UB) & planned to do some thing. What to do in this time? You are traveling alone. Even no friends are here to have a gossipy. Good luck you have a sex magazine in your bag. Great!. No one can see you what you are doing in Upper berth. You get happy & open the magazine to read an interesting story. 2 hrs gone. You completed the story just before 5 minutes from your destination station. Reach at your home. Did your evening jobs. Had a beautiful dinner & now you are in your bed room to have a good night sleep. Wait for a moment & think a while can you able to recall that story which one you studied during the busy train. Yes you can. Check well you can able to recall the whole story.

On the next day you are in your study room, there is deep of silence. AC is running slow. You started reading atomic physics. You need to remember the difference between fusion and fission, but still after 3 times you reviewed the difference between fusion and fission you are unable to remember this. Do you analyze why? When you can able to remember the story in a busy train why you can’t remember a small difference from the chapter of physics?

Yes this analysis can change your memory power. Finally, interest & deep of understanding makes memory faster to grab the data. When the time you are reading that sex magazine at that time you have your interest to know what is the story. Analyze well during reading the story in the same end you are recalling the past pages before to know next lines. This is called bubbling memory. Bubbling memory helps to remember fast & permanently. But the time you are with atomic physics you just only doing reading. Some time you are concentrate or some time not. Here your memory is fluctuating.

Yoga & Meditation to improve Memory

So let us discuss how can you improve your memory by practice. Control your memory power. This habit can make you grow in your career. To control memory meditation helps. Sit cool, close your eyes think that moments when you are reading the story from the magazine. Analyze what is going in-side your brain. Practice to do the same while you required strong memory power. This is not an easy job. It may take time to win your memory. But if you can able to detect that technique of memory improvement. I am sure you can be next to Vivekananda.

Pranayam, Asanas & Mudras also helpful for memory development. Shirshasana helps to achieve better memory. If you want a quicker memory I can suggest to do Shirshasana for 5 minutes every day morning. Sirsasana improves blood flow in brain. Like this there are many tricks to improve memory power. In below let us discuss some more points for your memory improvement. Win memory to win all.

Logical games

Play Logical games. It helps to exercise your memory cells. With a regular Exercise you can have a faster memory.

Case Studies

Associate your memory with case studies. If you are not able to remember many points of a section try to associate this point with some memorable events.

Do meditation

Do meditation to achieve better Concentration. Concentration is the unit of memory. Practice to do yoga’s & meditation’s everyday. This activity not only helps to boost memory but also very useful to keep you healthy.

Live Stress Free

Don’t take UN-necessary mental stress. Stay social, Share time with friends & family. Keep your brain happy.

Avoid Drug

Quit Smoking, Alcohol & any kind of drugs if you use. Drug damage natural memory cells.

Sleep Healthy

Get Good Sleep. Every system required rest for better operation. Like the same your brain working whole the day to meet your requirements. Give complete rest to your brain at night. According to medical science sleep minimum 8 hours a day.

Visualize your Memory

Visualize what you need to Do. This practice generates vision. In long run if you have a good vision it helps to make memory faster.

Replace normal Tea with Green Tea

In place of normal tea drink Green tea. Green tea helps to boost memory cells.

Vitamin E & Protein

For better memory give priority to eat more Vitamin E & Protein based foods.

Herbal Remedy to improve Memory

Collect the fresh roots of Clitoria Ternatea grind into the form of paste. Take it as a dose of 1 to 3 grams with ghee or butter twice a day. It helps to improve memory & intelligence.