Where Can you buy Colored Contacts Online?

If you’re looking for contact lenses that are colored, you may notice that sometimes it’s hard to do so from your average eye doctor’s catalog. Of course, you can get some choices, but it really depends on what you are wanting the contact lenses for. Most eye doctors also won’t provide prescriptions for contacts that are known as “Plano” lenses, meaning cosmetic lenses that don’t have any vision correcting capabilities in them. In these cases, the most popular way to order contact lenses is by ordering them online, but you want to make sure you have a reputable contacts vendor to supply your colored contacts. We’ll talk about one we’ve found later in this guide, but also provide you with a buyer’s guide so you know how to properly purchase them online.

Make Sure they’re Approved

If you’re going to order contact lenses, especially cosmetic purposes, you want to be sure that these contact lenses are approved by the FDA, and while you should be wary of lenses that you can order without having to get a prescription, you want to make sure that they’re FDA approved or not damaged. You generally still have to get all of the information from an eye doctor to properly have your eyes measured and know just what kinds of contacts you can use for your eyes so your lenses can’t scratch your corneas.

Don’t follow your own recommended Schedule

When you start wearing contact lenses, you want to only wear them for a few hours for the first week. If you’re wearing colored lenses that are cosmetic, you should make sure that you can get your eyes used to them for short periods of time (only wear them for a couple hours at a time) in order to keep your eyes from becoming too irritated.

Another mistake that many people don’t understand when it comes to wearing contacts is the length of time you should wear them before taking them out. Some people who are used to them, will wear them literally all day (up to 18 hours), while some people sleep with them. These are both actually bad practices, and can cause not only damage to your eyes, but even cause the damage or loss of the contact lens. You should wash your hands with antibacterial soap, then take the contact lenses out, and if you’re going to put them back in, give your eyes about 15-30 minutes to recuperate while you soak your contact lenses, then put them back in.


If you’re looking for a good online vendor, you want to make sure that your retailer don’t have any products that can actually cause eye problems, as this can easily cause irritation when your eyes are exposed to contacts that come in contact with things such as allergens and dust, or even harmful ingredients. Misaki (color contact lenses online – misakicon.com) offers a complete line of completely safe corrective and cosmetic lenses available that can enhance the color of your eyes, or completely change the color altogether to greatly change your very appearance, and what’s better, you don’t have to always have a prescription, and can order the contacts as Plano.