How to improve English Speaking Fluency? – Speak good English

Communication depends upon language. In many cases mother tongue is the primary language when English is the secondary one. To improve your English Speaking Fluency you need to practice as much as you can. More practice mean more better English Speaking Fluency. Technically speaking communication happens in between sender & receiver. Sender is the speaker & receiver is the listener. Let’s assume we are in an auditorium. Here the speaker (who is in microphone) is the sender. Who sends voice frequency to the air medium. Audience are the receiver those listens the speaker. English is a very common global language. In the professional world it has a different identity. Better communication in English helps to improve personality & face value. From college days to office every where language of communication is in English. So let us discuss “How to improve English Speaking Fluency?”.

Use Dictionary

Purchase a quality dictionary. Familiarize yourself with the phonetic symbols of dictionary. This activity helps to improve pronunciation. In case of reading if you are unable to pronounce some words correctly explore dictionary. Learn 5 new words every day.

Learn Spoken English to Speak good English

Join Spoken English class. Know the tricks to speak better English.

Improve your Vocabulary

Practice to read English news papers daily. Reading news paper helps to improve your vocabulary & phases. Listen spoken English audio & songs. Watch English movies & news. It helps for better pronunciation. Speak more fluently (Ordering pizza, during shopping, asking for directions etc). This habit helps to sync between your thoughts and words to stream together. The time you are speaking English don’t afraid for mistakes. Keep remember more you speak your communication skill will improve more. If you are from an educated family with family members do communicate with English. Or else choose some good friends where you can communicate in English.

In the initial days don’t speak too quickly. Speech slow. Don’t worry about your listeners. It is more important that everything you say be understood. Give special attention to ‘S’ and ‘ED’ endings. This will help you strengthen the mouth muscles that you use when you speak English. Record your own voice & listen several times. This way you can detect your pronunciation mistakes.

From my personal experience the most effective idea to improve communication skill in English is “Speak English Frequently“. In the initial days I am in Chennai for my first job I found much difficulties to communicate with local peoples. From betel shop to grocery every where whether I need to speak their local language Telugu or English. Basically I am a Oriya guy. Practically it’s more difficult for me to start communicating in Telugu. What I did is I started communicating using English. In initial day even I feel shame for my poor communication skill. But with regular practice with in 6 months I am happy to say I achieved phonetic communication skill using English.

It’s true practice makes man more perfect. Hope with the above useful tips if you start communicating yourself in English you will achieve sure success. Communication is the only way to express yourself. Stay rich with your Communication Skill.