Know more about Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Guruji and Art of Living

A man with Charismatic personality who is playfully profound, child like, ever smiling with a twinkle in his eyes whose avowed mission is to “Put a smile on the face of every person he meets” having an extra ordinary combination of wisdom & innocence. Where ever Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Guruji goes people from all walks of life seek His blessings and advice. Amazingly, He makes each one of them feel special and cherished.

Each gesture of His exudes love, innocence and joy. At the same time, He comes up with practical solutions for all problems plaguing us today like terrorism, war, political dysfunctions, personal conflicts and psychological complications. A man who has an ever growing following (which runs into millions) across the globe. From Bangaluru to Bosnia and from Tamil Nadu to Trinidad, His very presence, His Grace and his technique have touched and transformed numerous lives. A single glance is enough to melt the heart of even a terrorist. He has carried the eternal message of love and compassion and has sought to revive basic human values by his tireless efforts to make the whole universe into one world family by His message of “Vasudeva Kutumbakam”.

He is non other than the most magnetic and unconventional Spiritual Guru His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji, the founder of the Art of Living Foundation, the world’s second largest NGO with centres in over 154 countries. He was born on 13th May,1956 in Papanasan village, Tamil Nadu. At the tender age of four, He could recite Bhagvat Gita and used to be rapt in meditation for hours. in 1982, Sri Sri emerged from 10 days of silence and deep meditation and the “Sudarshan Kriya” (a breathing technique) spontaneously came to His awareness as a gift to the whole universe. Fortunates are those who are getting a chance to learn this technique and can step into an ocean of love and deep knowledge by transforming their misery into a life time celebration for rest of their life. The “Sudarshan Kriya” is a simple but very powerful breathing process offered during the Happiness Program, which greatly enhances one’s personal growth. Just as there are rhythms in nature there is natural rhythm in our body, mind and spirit. From the strain of everyday living these rhythms are often not in harmony. Just 20 minutes of of daily practice of Sudarshan Kriya floods the system with life supporting energy and one feels renewed physically, mentally and emotionally. The benefits last and deepen with time. Increasing freedom and joy become a part of daily life not as a concept but as a living reality.

The basic factor people often forget is that while existence is a fact, Living is an art. But the most fundamental of knowledge how to handle our minds and emotions, this nobody has ever taught us. So here the journey of life begins with a new dimension and a broader vision when a Guru enters into our horizon… There is very little that is known about Sri Sri’s personal life. He is not very forth coming about his personal life like many Yogis. But in Sri Sri one finds a beautiful blend of Veda and Science. Yogis, Saints and seers are a great mystery to the human mind. It’s not possible to analyze them with our limited intellectual capabilities. Our small mind is quite incapable of comprehending the vastness, intricacy and immensity of love that is behind each of His human incarnations and it perpetually doubts, particularly when in the presence of the divine.

Each Master is an expression of infinity as is our consciousness. But we like to label ourselves so also our masters. Sri Sri is “Label less”. He is a guru to one, a friend to another, serious one moment, mischievous the next. One can not contain Him in mere words. Being with Him all the labels start to drop off and freedom dawns. Who ever wants to witness the divinity behind Sri Sri has just to watch Him meditate. He can stay immobile for hours and you can actually see Him recede inwards. In these moments the atmosphere becomes so charged that one can easily feel the electrifying experience and slip into deep meditation without any effort.

The constant attempt by the disciples at grabbing the master’s attention and love, this competition for one look from Him, one Smile, few words are always taxing. But in spite of all the chaos around him , Sri Sri retains a very profound and deep silence, an unfaltering smile that never loses its serenity. It is always an unforgettable sight to watch Sri Sri walk through a Darshan line. It is as if a cloud of love is floating around Him. For many it is a dream come true, for some others it is a moment of confusion where all their traditional concepts of gurus are shattered. Sri Sri is not a very demonstrative person yet there is no doubting the immense love He constantly exudes to everyone around Him and to the world in general. Sometimes for no reason at all, one feel like crying in his presence, these are not tears of sentimentality or sadness, but expressions of the inner being suddenly awakening in one and seizing one’s external emotional self. In presence of the Sadguru like Sri Sri Knowledge flourishes, sorrow diminishes, without any reason joy wells up, lack diminishes, abundance dawns and all the talents manifest.

So make the divine your only Valentine in the form of Guru. You will see that He will cherish You more than a king cherishes his Clown and he will love you more than a mother loves her newborn. If you are willing to walk into his arms, if you are willing to live in His heart, You will find the one you have waited for ever. You will meet yourself in His Arms forever….

World’s most adorable Valentine is recognised as the messenger of peace and embodiment of Love and He is our beloved Guruji, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Guruji and popularly known as Sri Sri….