How Social Media increases your Brand image?

Social media is a phrase which is thrown out a lot these days. People are more interactive in social media rather than in front of each other. Brand image means the demand of a certain product of a particular company which has its own specializations, copyrights, etc. Now coming to the point; social media is a path way through which a demand of a product is increasing. It has the power to influence people in a way that is almost equal to hypnotization but in a legal way of attracting /motivating people. Especially when your company is a startup you would require a lot of promotions hence social media will be your target to increases your Brand image. This is because of some of the most important aspects of promotions the social media creates:

1. When ads pop up during the use of social media, people get the knowledge of it.

2. Due to ratings and reviews circling through social media.

3. New customers getting attracted. For example when you post a photo of laundry services with a headline “don’t waste your weekend doing laundry” you will get atleast a countable customers if the service has a good review.

4. Existing customer relationship improves due to clear communications in social media.

5. Brand loyalty is increased.

6. It is at the tip of your finger and adaptable by all.

7. Comparison is made easily accessible.

These above are some of the basic reasons by which social media increases brand image. There are more reasons such as, since 21st century is more of a digital world people are often online in one or the other social media, this helps the brand image to increase since people start referring one and other when they experience a product/service and are in favor of it.

Brand awareness is an epic moment where brand image increases. Brand awareness is now a main objective of digital marketing i.e. marketing through the internet. People are often notified in their apps about any company/product/service which gives them the awareness and in turn increases the reputation, the brand image of it.

As this is a dynamic world, the company should keep track with the changes happening constantly around it. Hence the brand awareness is one way wherein the customers are attracted in a large amount through social media. Hence social media is 90% significant in today’s technological world.

Social media can also give a bad reputation to your product or company. But it mainly depends on how the company/product is satisfying the consumers requirements. Even if the consumer has faced a problem and there is a feedback in social media about it the customer care should reply to it and make sure that the issue is resolved so that the feedback can be edited, or else the brand image can be spoilt within no time. Since internet is faster than gossips of girls/women. The company needs to be unique in terms of their posts so that people are attracted to them and in terms of service also.


Social media acts as a key role in increasing the brand awareness in turn increasing the brand image. It has become the main objective in today’s digital sectorized world. Social media has a certain criticism but the whole world knows its importance and the high growth happening in this field and existing high competition.