Platform to Customers how to increase Social Media presence

You have made a great website, you have a great marketing strategy that involves newspapers, and online media, and you have good products. However, even with all of these things, you might still struggle a little with engaging your customers and encouraging them to click through to your site. One way that you can do this is by trying to increase your social media presence. Here are a few tips that you can try to help you achieve better exposure.

Look for Discussion Opportunities

Nothing creates more interest than something that can be debated. People love to join in interesting discussions and give their opinion, so if you can give them something to talk about, they will want to join in. For example, if you make chocolate, ask your followers what type of chocolate they prefer, milk, or, dark? If there is something in the news that relates to your industry or your products, then this can also be something you can talk about. You can even try to weave your own marketing campaign into your discussions so that you can entice your customers with a link or some other way to reach your website.

Talk to your Customers

If you are a bigger company, then you will know that trying to engage with your customers can be hard. To try and get around this, you should set up a hashtag that your customers can use to chat with you. You can use this hashtag as a constant way of communicating, or you can schedule set times each week that customers can use to contact you. It can be especially effective for your customer service team because they can handle inquiries through social media quicker. If you are planning to hold regular chat topics for your followers, then try to set up the questions in advance. You can also put the question to your followers about what you want to talk about.

Choose your Platform

Depending on your customers and your company, the platform you choose for your social media will vary. For example, if most of your customers use Instagram, then this could be the best place to start your social media campaign. You can also start to tailor your posts to the platform you are using. That includes using memes such as the Meme Rage Face, and others that you can find online. You aren’t limited to using one social media platform; you can expand to use others if you think that there are enough from your customer base on there. It could include sites like YouTube, so you can upload how-to videos or behind the scenes footage about products and material sourcing. By mixing it up and trying new platforms, you can spread your online presence and grow your followers.

By creating a solid and growing social media presence, you can not only build relationships with your customers but also gain new customers. It will also go a long way to improving your customer service experience.