How to Make Delicious Oriya Recipe KAKARA PITHA?

Among many Popular Oriya Recipes KAKARA PITHA is well popular for it’s taste. Generally in festival season you can get this PITHA in many Oriya Families. KAKARA PITHA can be stored for more then 2 days in normal condition. In this session let us share How to prepare KAKARA PITHA at your Kitchen.


  • Refined Oil
  • 1 kg White Flour
  • 1/2 kg Sugar
  • 2 Coconuts
  • 6 Cardamom
  • Salt to the Taste

Steps to Cook

Switch on the Gas. Put a PAN. Boil some 1.5 litter water. Add 1 kg Sugar & Salt as required. Mix Sugar well with boiled water. Now add white flour slowly to the boiled water. Keep mixing the time you add white flour. Prepare a paste like mixer. This is called KHALI. In an another bowl take some 100 gm white flour mix it with normal water to prepare like bread (CHAPATI) paste. Mix this paste with KHALI.

Break 2 coconuts into 4 pieces. Rub these coconut pieces in a plate. Put an another PAN. Take some 250 gm water & 500 gm sugar. Mix it like a gel. Put cardamom powder in it. Then add rubbed coconuts. Mix it well. This is called PURA. It resides in between the KAKARA. To make kakara pitha more tasty you can also add Chhena is PURA.

Take an another PAN. Add Refiend Oil. When oil start boiling prepare medium size oval shapes using KHALI. Add PURA in between the oval shapes. Fry it in hot oil until it look dark brown. With this your KAKARA PITHA is ready to serve. After preparation leave KAKARA PITHA for 4 to 5 hours in room temperature. Then serve it to your family & friends.