Dominate your Competitors with these 6 SEO Strategies

The digital market received a boom or an impetus in 2020 after the start of the Covid pandemic. Due to people going out less on the streets and spending more time in their houses, consuming digital content became the only source of entertainment and interaction with the outside world.

Therefore, the use of SEO strategies has become more important in the digital marketplace right now. With content like videos, images, and, most importantly – written blogs – becoming hugely popular on the internet, lots of content creators jumped on the bandwagon to create content and try their hand at generating revenue from them.

However, doing so is easier said than done. This is where SEO comes in to save the day. The use of various SEO strategies and tactics has helped many content creators and businesses to rank their content higher in search engines and generate lots of views and ad revenue.

So, what are some of the best SEO tactics that you can apply to overtake your competitors in the digital space? Read on to find out?

Best SEO Strategies to Dominate Competitors

The best SEO strategies will be easy to implement and highly effective in providing users with the results that they require. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that to dominate the digital marketplace, you need to first dominate your competitors in their own game.

Therefore, to make sure this is made possible, here are the best SEO strategies that we believe you can implement right now to get ahead of your competitors in no time:

1. Monitoring Competitor Keyword Trends

Monitoring the website of competitors is great for understanding their SEO strategy. This is because according to the art of war, finding information about the enemy’s tactics is the first step in winning the war. These keywords are the same words or phrases that people use to search for information on Google.

When you type in something in the search bar of Google, the search engine crawls all the webpages that have been published till date to find websites that have the same keyword used in them. Therefore, using these keywords multiple times in a webpage will ensure that it ranks higher in the search results.

Therefore, your SEO strategies should make use of SEO tools that will help you understand which keywords are making a page rank. This way, you can analyse how well the sites of your competitors are performing and what keyword strategy they are using.

2. Prevent Link Decay

Most businesses and blogs make use of backlinks to make their page rank higher. So how does this work? Backlinks refer to shortcuts to links that have been provided on the webpage, so that it can lead readers to a different website showing a piece of content that might be relevant to what you were reading on that webpage.

However, over time, the value of your backlinks automatically gets reduced. Therefore, this lowers the chances of your website ranking higher. This is linked to the site that the backlink points towards. If the website has a lesser DA rating, the value of the backlink will not be that high.

Therefore, you need to ensure that you are using high quality backlinks from engaging websites that have a higher DA rate so that Google can identify them as high value websites. This will help in automatically allowing Google to brand your webpage as more important compared to others. Therefore, try to sell guest posts to get more backlinks in return.

3. Draw more Traffic to your Site

You need to draw more traffic to your website by frequently adding new contacts to it and taking the help of the best guest posting services. Frequently creating new blogs and articles for your website that are SEO optimized increases the chances of them getting indexed by Google faster.

Therefore, you can say that Google checks how active a web page is and ranks articles according to it. In addition, the SEO friendliness of your content makes a great impact on the ranking of your blog. If new articles that are SEO friendly get posted on the website every day, Google notices this and makes sure that the web page ranks higher because its value increases automatically.

4. Generate Reviews and Testimonials

Generating user reviews and testimonials for your website can be a great way to increase the value and authenticity of your website. When users who visit your website read reviews about your products and services, they will be assured that your products and services are genuine.

Therefore, this retains visitors for a longer time on your webpage, increasing its value in drawing traffic. When Google notices visitors staying and reading your content for a long time, it automatically assumes that your website is valuable and increases the rank of the website, bit by bit.

5. Generate Content with Less difficult Keywords

When you do keyword research to find out what keywords can make an article rank higher, the SEO tools that you might use will often mention what is the KD of the keyword. KD refers to keyword difficulty – how difficult it is to make a content rank higher using that keyword.

Therefore, try and make content using keywords that have a lesser KD. This makes it easier for you to find content ideas based around searchable keywords, and then make them rank higher because the number of competitive articles are pretty low.

6. Do Not Stick to Just One Niche

Last but not the least, do not make content that only revolves around one niche. While writing about only one niche may be beneficial at first for generating initial traffic, it does not typically stick around for long.

For setting SEO strategies, we recommend branching out to multiple topics by taking help from guest blogging sites.


Creating engaging content with the best SEO strategies in mind to overcome the competition is easier said than done. Therefore, using strategies mentioned here like generating content with keywords that have a lesser KD is beneficial for your website and your business.