Journals to EBooks 10 Griffith University Library Resources

Griffith University is one of the eminent public research universities based in South East Queensland on the east coast of Australia. Many international students love to study there due to its library resources and well-experienced scholars. They offer a vast list of various courses in scientific as well as other fields. Due to it being a research university, it has considerable research resources to back up its research papers being composed. That’s why they have a different referencing style named Griffith referencing popular among Australian universities.

What is the importance of Griffith University Library resources?

Research students who have to go through rigorous research work for their papers. So, they explore online Griffith University library resources. Students can easily access the online help from Griffith University Library. After exploring the reading list, any student can search for their required information anytime from their library resources. Here is the list of library catalogues to find help for your paper.

Students will find and access:

1. Journals on millions of topics, including current updated topics

2. Journal articles

3. Books and Ebooks

4. Conference records and papers

5. Streaming videos and DVDs

6. Streaming audio and CDs

7. Relevant music scores

8. Pre-written thesis papers and research work

If you are in search of specialized resources, including case studies, law assignment, various refereeing styles like APA, MLA, Oxford or IEEE referencing clinical information, If you are looking for specialized resources, including case law, clinical information, standards and company information, you can access these via our databases.

That’s why students should check ten varieties of library resources from Griffith University.

1. Interlibrary Loans

When you visit the online site of Griffith University, you will get a search box where you can put your keyword or topic. Interlibrary loan is one of the materials made for teachers and professors. This can be administered. You will get a long list of various reading materials on different cultures and traditions.

2. Copyrighted Materials

This is the source from which you will get help using copyrighted materials while crafting your paper. It also gives you information on how you properly discuss copyrighting. For students who are penalized or scared of plagiarism issues on their academic papers, this session will help you know the best from Griffith University online library sources. It will be helpful for the professionals to attend it.

3. Book a Session

This pointer can be tricky for those who are not well-aware of the Griffith library resources. However, it allows you as a professional or professor to show your students the ways of libraries. You can book the session for you, and a library specialist will guide you on seeking the right books, journals and other resources.

4. Smartthinking

Smartthinking from Griffith University is one of the unique features to gather knowledge. This is an online writing source that can be used to improve your writing skills. A free online tutoring service is available to all Griffith students seeking guidance on improving their writing skills. Students can submit their paper or thesis for detailed evaluation, request an appointment or submit questions online. Submit your questions, but please allow up to 24 hours.

5. Referencing Tool

Griffith University always appreciates referencing styles composed by their students, and that’s why they have introduced their own Griffith referencing style for citation purposes. Their library consists of an online referencing tool to make aware their students of correctly referencing titles. In addition, it gives students various instances and samples to paraphrase writing. Students will also learn about the accurately quoted sentences and how they manipulate rare resources and put them into their reports.

6. Academic Skills Workbook

The academic skills workbook for students who want to learn from their classes uses it correctly in their professional life. The workbook uses skills students have learned from lectures. You will be able to subscribe to the workbook. This will enhance your writing skills and help you in improvement.

7. Academic Integrity Tutorial

This is another excellent feature of Griffith library sources. The academic integrity tutorial is significant for professors and teachers, and students comparably. As a teacher, you must know what to look for in students while giving them writing guidance. As a student, you must watch out for performances that is against the integrity of other writers. It will enhance your writing skill and help you to be a better writer.

8. Resources for teaching

This allows teachers to reserve specific works to use in their instructions. In addition, this gives them access to a bevvy of different resources, from ebooks to journals to even video.

9. Facebook

Facebook allows students to have access to things happening in the library on a social media platform. Facebook is one of the most popular they check regularly. Much of what you’ll see is different articles like tips and hacks.

10. WordPress

The students can open their WordPress account from Griffith library sources. They do short writings like articles and papers. Students consider it is an excellent learning opportunity. Their article is called lighting talks. These are generally about world pollution, globalization and sustainability.

An Insider’s View on Libraries at Griffith University

Gold Coast Library – If you are interested in hosting study times or studying alone, the Gold coast library is an excellent option for you! It allows students to block out their routine that they need private study space. This place also makes it so that you can rest easy knowing there is no neighbouring.

Logan – Logan, the famous campus, has access to the library place and help corner. You can also ask any questions regarding your writing and resources. You can also give feedback from a user’s perspective.

Nathan – Nathan is placed at the Willett Centre. Nathan is located in a spot that focuses on sustainability. The sources at the library help with this source.

South Bank – The South Bank libraries are located at the Queensland Conservatorium. During weekdays it is open from Morning 8 AM to 8 PM. It is open 8 AM-5 PM on Friday and Saturday and 1 PM-5 PM.

Ending Note

Before you gather all the information and assemble it into one piece of writing, make sure you choose the data from authentic sources. Griffith library resources assure you tremendous and massive wiring materials like journals, papers, graphs, previously composed survey reports, images, documentaries, online tutoring for students’ betterment, and many other features. As you have already got the ten library features, it will help you find out your required subject materials from Griffith university library resources. Happy learning.