Quick Tips to Turn your Blog into a Money Making ATM

Although we are living under the influence of a fully-fledged digitization era, a very few people take any career that runs online seriously, especially blogging. The world takes blogging as a hobby, a diversion that may go famous but that is unlikely. If you point out blogging as your career, everyone will take it as a joke and laugh it off immediately. But trust me it is not a joke anymore. It is not just a hobby anymore. If you can put your 100% effort, you can easily turn your non-profitable blogging organization into a money earning blog in no time. How? Well, let us have a look.

But at first, we have to gather some basic knowledge about how a blog works and how it can make money.

How Blogs Make Money?

Before you concentrate on making money from a blog, just remember that blogging is no different than starting your own business. So, it may fail for the first three or four times, but that is not the cue to give up; rather it is the time to learn for better. But before you start blogging, it may occur to you– How a blog makes money! Well, money comes from the ads that are placed on the site by the bloggers. These ads are mostly of two types.

CPC/PPC Ads – It is called ‘Cost per click’ ad. Everyone any viewer clicks on your blog ad, you will be paid.

CPM ads – It is called ‘Cost per 1000 impressions’ i.e. with the help of these ads you will be able to earn money per 1000 viewers.

Also, you can sell private ads, but these two are the most two common ads to make money through a blog.

4 Easy Steps to Turn your Blog into a Money-Making Blog

And here we will prescribe you five easy steps to turn your normal hobby-blog into a professional money-making blog. Have a look.

Start a Blog – Blogging is no less than starting a business. So while you are about to start up any blog, just make sure that you have enough technical knowledge and marketing knowledge. The whole process of starting a blog can be a little overwhelming but keep aside all these and actually start your blog with a flow of content.

Engaging Contents – Secondly and most importantly, start your blogging with passion. Without passion, your blog will never make money. And also, it is essential to create engaging and useful content to keep your readers engaged.

Create your audience base – While you are trying to set a business up, it is important to find the audience first, and in the case of blogs, it would be the readers. So, choose the perfect social media or any other platform to get the perfect audience base and where your blog stands a chance to make money.

Be engaged with the readers – Lots of blogs fail due to lack of enough engagement with the readers. If your readers are praising, be thankful and if they are criticizing, take their advice seriously. Above all, be engaged with your readers always.

These are the steps to start a blog that has the potential to earn money quickly. But how to enhance that perfectly to get a certain result? In the below sub-heading, we will discuss the tips.

Tips to make sure you are earning money from your blogs

There cannot be any shortcut methods that can guarantee money from your blogs, but the below tips may help you to get better every day.

Sell Private Ads – Lots of bloggers use Google AdSense to sell their blog ads. But due to high traffic, this may not work always. So do not forget to sell your ads privately in the form of links, banners, buttons, etc.

Digital products – Offer your audiences with digital products such as e-books, different online courses, apps or plugins, images or videos etc. Sell something that easily attracts the reader’s attentions. There can be many other ideas on products as well.

Email subscribers – Whenever you start a new blog, do not forget to add email subscribe option. In this way, you can get loyal customers, and this will also drive your blog traffic more and more.

Sell membership – It is a great way to earn money. When your blog gets a little famous, start selling memberships to your loyal customers, it is a great way to earn money through blogs.

Make it a platform – Apart from running the business of blogging, create a website and turn it into a platform for fellow bloggers, such as a content marketplace. It is a great platform that can be offered to writers and bloggers to earn money and for content seekers to get the perfect content copy. One such content marketplace is Constant Content.

Although there is no definite way to turn a blog into a money-making machine, slow and steady method can surely give you the best result. And on an important note, just do not stick to blogging blindly, build your own website or register yourself on a content marketplace like Constant Content to earn and give your blogging career an escalation. In this way, you will earn as a blogger and flourish in your writing career.

Happy Blogging!

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