How do Social Media influence interpersonal Communication?

In this modern age, social media has moved deep in to our personal life. This has a huge impact and impinging effect on our interpersonal communication. Social media has positively as well as adversely affected not only our personal life but our social life as well. People now would prefer to email rather than to meet or they would like to text rather than talk. This results in fragile ties with your family and surrounding people. Social media is influencing in positive and negative way. Some of the negative and positive influences of social media are as follows.

Time Consuming

Social media wastes a lot of our time once we use it. You just keep on scrolling or keep on surfing and after some time you realize that you have spent hours. This not only affects our mental health but also our physical health. You will not realize and with the passage of time you will lose yourself. Your motivation will be zero and you will have nothing to strive for.

Health Issues

Too much use of social media will damage your health. You will lose your eyesight with passage of time. You will start feeling pain in your backbone and you will be having issues in terms of migraine which will last with you forever. There are also some vulgar things on social of which people would get addicted to and in the process, they will lose focus towards their life and studies.

No interaction with family

Family is like a circle in which all persons are connected. The circle will start to deteriorate once the interaction between families minimizes. Social media is the main problem in destroying this family culture. Family members will stay busy on social media and they will interact less with each other. They will not be in the knowledge of each other problems and they will be unknown to each other living under one roof.

Time wastage in school and Colleges

Students now days waste a lot of time using mobile phones during their classes or lectures. This is harmful for their studies as well as their future. They think they will multi task by using social media and listening to lectures at the same time but they can’t. They miss out on important things which are being delivered during the lectures. This results in failing the important exams and resultantly they would have a low IQ which is ruining their future.

Current Affairs

Social media is also helping in different ways like people get to know about the daily news. They get to know about sports and weather and other worldly matters which is good for their knowledge. Their IQ will improve and they will get involved in discussions which they have never been part of.

Remain in Contacts

Social media is helping people to remain in contact. People who are far away from their families contact their families on this forum. Some people find old friends or colleagues. This thing is a big catch up in someone’s life.

Social media which is connecting people world is also responsible for breaking a person with in. Proper grooming classes should be given so that new users have proper knowledge regarding this thing. People should use social media but not at the cost of their future.

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