Stop Doing things which Weaken your SERP Rankings

When you are new to SEO you tend to do certain things without understanding or even knowing the fundamental best practices of SEO. In reality, SEO is a dynamic world and seemed to have been successful a few days ago may not be working now, so it is mandatory to stay updated, well-informed, and educated about the latest developments in the SEO industry. Here are a few things that you must stop doing; otherwise, your SERP rankings would be going down.

Not Utilizing Google Keyword Tool

Some people have a misconception that utilizing the Google Keyword Tool before producing the content is a way of cheating. This is absolutely not true. The effective Google keyword tool would be telling you what sort of keywords people are used to typing in the search box of Google.

When you incorporate such keywords in your pages or articles, your content becomes really more relevant to the keywords and it becomes more convenient for the search engines to understand. Also, do not use high traffic keywords as there is too much competition, instead opt for low competition and definitely long tail keywords which fetch you good rankings.

Not Having Unique Descriptions & Title Tags

You must provide unique title tags as both Bing and Google encourage you to concentrate on that. You must have a title for each and every page. You must not include the website name in your title for the page. Moreover, do not write more than 65 words as page titles.

You must keep in mind that descriptions must be unique without any keyword and it should fascinate the user. Any good description would be increasing your CTR. Moreover, if your content is able to give what has been precisely promised in your page’s description, you would be getting more conversions. Use the SEO services for effective outcomes.

Not Adequately Promoting the Blog Posts

It would be really stupid to assume that just because you have generated a good post, everybody would be reading it and sharing it with friends on Facebook. Do not assume that they would be so impressed that they would be tweeting about it either. This cannot happen unless you have successfully created a decent audience.

You need to promote your work by publishing it on all social media platforms. You could consider sharing it with all your followers. You could make use of Facebook advertisements to reach your pre-defined target audience. You may send your post to everyone in your email list. Publishing it on LinkedIn could help in the promotion.

Not Generating High-Quality Contents

The current trends in the SEO industry are all about building authority and fortifying trust. You need to build solid reliability between your users and your website. You can develop authority and fortify trust by consistently publishing top grade contents.


Get rid of old habits and learn from your mistakes. Once you follow the fundamental SEO strategies well, you would be on the right track.

As a responsible Blogger prevent your Blog from Weaken your SERP Rankings. Share us.