Know why Studying in Canada will be the wise Decision after 12th Grade?

If you are someone who has just passed class 12th examination and looking to pursue further education abroad or someone who is going to pass his 12th grade in 2019 and has education abroad in mind then this is for you.

Canada might be on your list but still, there may be some doubts that might be pulling you back from making a call. Well, you would be delighted to know that the country has one of the finest education systems in North America. The presence of a large number of Indian expatriates and students substantiates the worth of Canada as a popular destination among Indians.

Canada has a pretty liberal and democratic society that helps immigrants to adjust and accommodate with the day to day lifestyle of the country which is why to study in Canada is a great option. The accommodative nature of the natives would help you to interact and get friendly with them without much difficulty.

The education system is pretty much similar to India in terms of structure and progress from school to college level. A student has to pass 12 grades before entering into the higher education. With much more to offer in terms of quality education, Canada provides you with an opportunity to set the tone for your career.

Let’s have a look at the factors that make choosing Canada as your education destination a pretty good decision.

Globally acclaimed Universities

Canada houses some of the finest and globally renowned Universities as a part of its education setup. The Times University rankings rank around five Canadian universities in the list of Top 100 universities of the world. The University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, University of British Columbia etc are some of the finest gems of Canada’s higher education system. These institutes are known to offer more than just curriculum-based academic learning by helping the students to develop their overall personality and perspective.

Opportunity for Work in Canada

Post education there are a good number of options for graduates/postgraduates/diploma holders to get a job in Canada. The government of Canada offers a work program to immigrant students who have pursued Diploma from Canada. There are also similar work-related visa initiatives for students based on their educational background. Thus, there is an opportunity for you to extend your stay beyond education and probably settle in the country in long run.

Quality of Life

Canada being a developed and prosperous country offers a good quality of life for its inhabitants. The country ranks among top 10 countries of the world in the Human Development Index of United Nation. Many of Canada’s metropolis like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal feature in the list of most livable cities of the world. The student-friendly nature of Canadian cities makes it easier for you to dwell into the culture and society of the country.


Cost is a big factor when we talk about studying abroad. In terms of the cost of the study, Canada offers you the best choice in comparison to other popular destinations like UK, New Zealand, Australia etc. The average Tuition fee in Canada is quite less as compared to other foreign destinations. This along with an option for students to avail scholarship makes it a cost-effective and budget-friendly option for your study abroad dreams.

Secure Environment in Canada

Safety and security of their children abroad is the biggest concern of parents. Canada by the virtue of its low crime rate and friendly nature of society offers a best and secure choice for immigrating students from across the world.

Unlike USA and Australia, there is no racial uproar and discrimination against immigrants and migrant Asian students. The safe and sound environment provides for the adoption of all kinds of people in society.

Well, if you still have some doubt regarding Canada as your study abroad destination than you can freely ask us any question that is bothering you. We would provide you all the necessary information regarding your study abroad queries.