Oxford or Harvard top 5 Universities for Students to Study Abroad

Every Students in the world wants to study in high standard and expensive universities for the better and bright future. Mostly students from the Asian countries are mad for to study in Europe, Australia, America and Canada. Some of them are gain these opportunities by scholarship and some other students who have good financial support go through money and their own expensive. Well Study in these countries are not so easy, life becomes very tuff and disturb. There are a lot advantages and disadvantages of study abroad today I will you the top five universities in the world, if you are fond of study out of country.

University of Oxford

University of Oxford one of the famous university of the whole world, located in the city of whites men, England. Estimated fee of the this university is around 10000 (GBP), which is the out of range from students who belongs to middle and lower class families. Well standard of this university is high in the world and the people who read here and complete studies in Oxford can easily get job all over the world. Because the degree value of oxford university is very high.

Harvard University

Have you seen the movie series of Harry Potter. Yes I am also a big fan of harry potter, weisely and hermoinycrancher, that are the big three heroes of these movies. We have also listen in the movie about this university and these movies make this university more popular. Harvard University is located in United State and worldwide recognized university. Harvard is also offer different type of scholarship to talented students.

National University of Singapore

NUS (National University of Singapore) is another growing up in the list of top universities. Well the country Singapore is become in-depended approximately 40 years ago but the university is little bit old founded in 1905. NUS is the high learning university in the Singapore as well as in the world.

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is one of the best and famous university of the world and in country as well. This university is founded in 1853 in Australia. The ratio of study in Australia is all time high in the world and every student of the world choose Australia for study also for living. The biggest example of these universities are the Australian peoples, everybody loves the attitude, manners, laws, politics, and all the things in Australia.

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is fifth best university in my list, and the approximately fee of this chines university is 50,000 USD. China is the most exporter country in the world and the china language is the most spoken language in the world. Well I have plan to visit China very soon because it is located in our neighbor country.