Top Searched popular Pakistani Celebrities

Google is one of the user-friendly search engines. Because of Google, different arenas have gained quite a momentum in terms of getting exposed to real world. Entertainment, sports, political and many more such industries have got potentially lifted due to lot of audiences getting to know about their favorite celebs through Google.

With most of the talented singers, dancers, models and actors in Pakistan, users are keen on knowing their tidbits of lives to constantly stay in touch and get enlightened by the latest news and updates happening with them. With Google being one of the most powerful search engine, it is now easily possible to know everything about the celebrities.

Few of the most popular and widely search Pakistani celebrities are listed below with their educational backgrounds and professions:

Ali Zafar


This is a man with ultimate talent. Ali Zafar is a famous singer at present. He started his career as a artist. He pursued his graduation from Government College Lahore. After completing his graduation, he got a Fine Arts degree from the renowned National College of Arts.

Fawad Khan


This young and stud figure has managed well to rule the hearts of most of the people. There is a great fan following of this heartthrob amongst most of the young girls and guys. Fawad Khan has gained a lot of momentum in both the fields of music as well as acting. He completed his A-level and moved to the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Lahore to earn a degree in Telecom Engineering.

Shaista Lodhi


There would hardly be any who must not be aware of the very bubbly Shaista Lodhi, a television host. Winning the hearts of most of the fans this celebrity is widelky searched on Google in the list of famous Pakistani Celebrity. She holds a doctorate degree apart from her entertainment profession. The Doctor of Medicine from the reputed Sindh Medical College in Karachi; Shaista Lodhi sees no leaps and bounds in gaining popularity and love among her fan-followers.

Mahira Khan


Mahira Khan, who shot to stardom with her overwhelmed drama, ‘Humsafar’, is quite popular among the crowd. This was the time when she had a wish to earn a degree from States and therefore, went to the University of Southern California after completing her A-Levels. However, she came back without finishing her course and hence, plans to finish it whenever she would find opportunity.



The offspring of the famous film director, the star of the ‘Waar’, Shaan did not take a back end on education. Prior to joining the Newtown High School in New York, he went to Aitchison College for to pursue his studies. Later o completion of his degree, he also took up a course in United States of America for Direction.

Mohib Mirza


The present host and past actor, Mohib Mirza showed his streak of brilliance as a star in ‘Lamha’. He completed his intermediate from Commecs Institute of Business and Emerging Sciences (CIBES). After that, he went to ahead to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce.

Noman Aijaz


Are there any second thoughts of this exceptional actor? Obviously, it comes to no surprise that this star must have been widely searched on Google. But, also there is one more surprising fact that Google reveals through its information. One of the things about this actor that amuses audience is he being a lawyer. Before joining this industry, Noman Aijaz studied law from the well known Quaid-e-Azam Law College.

Junaid Jamshed


Priorly known as a the lead singer of one of the largest bands in Pakistan and currently a famous religious intellectual, this man is a ruler of many hearts and minds. Junaid Jamshed studied the field of media on bagging a degree in Mechanical engineering from the reputed, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.

Amina Sheikh


Very similar to her better half, Mohib Mirza, Amina Sheikh who is a fine actress and model has been one of the lead searches. She had also studied well prior to entering the media field. On completion of her A-Levels, she chose film and video production as her majors and completed her degree from Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts.

Imran Abbas


Of course, we are talking about the looks to-die-for! The very famous Imran Abbas established his name in the industry of modeling and acting. He is quite a well known figure and has endorsed multiple brands. Although, quite a few people are aware of he holding a degree in Architecture from National College of Arts.