Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) related to Baby Acne Problems

Baby Acne Problems is so common that every fifth child born get Baby Acne just a couple of weeks after the birth. Until now no concrete reason is agreed upon by the doctors, paediatricians and scientist that triggers Baby Acne on face or Baby Acne on chest. Face and chest are common places where Baby Acne appears but Baby Acne can appear anywhere on skin.

When it’s the first child, parents are not much educated or experienced about issues that they may have to face and that’s why they become worried even at minor issues. But baby acne is an issue that they shouldn’t never be worried about. It’s not just common but a natural issue that appears normally after two weeks and stays there for two weeks and then it disappears.

Baby Acne FAQ’s

Here are have we will try to answer most frequently asked questions about baby acne so that new parents couples may find all the answers and may not get panic if the baby acne on face appears to their baby.

1. What is Baby Acne?

Ans. Baby acne is a skin issue with no obvious reason that occurs on baby’s face normally after two weeks of baby’s birth. There are red bumps or pimples which in rare cases can turn white due to pus is it gets worse. Baby acne must not be misidentified with eczema or milia which also resembles in look with baby acne or rash.

2. What is the Causes of Baby Acne?

Ans. Parents are worried and want to know about the baby acne causes but as we told earlier, there’s no obvious or agreed upon reason or cause yet declared by the scientists and doctors. There are just few opinions by different researchers but these are just assumptions so far.

A few scientists say that it’s because some hormones which are still in blood of the baby and these hormones are the reason behind the baby acne. A few suggest that formula milk or breast milk may trigger baby acne. Others come with the opinion that it’s nothing but an irritation due to some external element like fabric etc. Whatsoever, what causes baby acne is something a mystery yet.

3. How Long Does it Last?

Ans. Baby acne heals naturally without any treatment or medication. It normally occurs after two weeks after birth and it stays there for almost a couple of weeks or for a month. And after that it disappears without leaving any mark or scar if it is not mistreated or irritated with harsh medications and treatments. In rare cases it may last for more than a month and in that case a visit to nearby paediatrician is advised.

4. How to treat Baby Acne Problems?

Ans. How to treat baby acne is the question which is most commonly asked by the parents. The best answer to this question is that leave the baby acne untreated. Don’t need to use any medicine or ointment to cure the baby acne until prescribed by the paediatrician if the acne is not going away even after two months. Rather than treatments, rely on preventions and remedies.

Here are some tips to keep the baby acne duration as minimum as possible.

  • Keep your baby’s skin clean. Don’t use any soap rather clean it with mild hot water.
  • Don’t use towel to scrub the baby’s skin. It may cause irritation and may trigger baby acne. Use cotton and soft cloths during baby care.
  • Sometimes fabric can irritate baby’s skin specially the synthetic cloth. Use minimum fabric to keep your baby’s skin from fabric irritation. Until suggest by a doctor don’t use any kind of hard skin creams on your baby face or skin.
  • Don’t use any lotion or skin ointments because these products have chemicals which may not be good for sensitive skin of your baby.
  • During night on the bed of your baby use soft neem leafs. During body massage use neem oil.

5. When does Baby Acne Go Away?

Ans. Parents often get worried and want to know when does baby acne go away. This question is nothing but almost a question similar to “how long does baby acne last?” And the answer is almost similar to the previous one. It is often advised to the parents to be patient because baby acne heals naturally and this natural healing process may take fifteen to thirty days if not mistreated. If your baby is not on breastfeeding, the healing may take a couple of months as well. But if the baby acne doesn’t vanish even after two months, you should seek the doctor or try some home remedies at

Baby acne is painless and harmless skin problem and it doesn’t create any itching or inflammation. So, don’t be worried and let the healing be done naturally.