How to get a Job in Google or Facebook? – Tips for JobSeekers

Everyone on the planet must dream to work with Google or Facebook and they receive more than two millions of applications every year. That simply shows how prestigious working with Google or Facebook is. If you have a great interest in working with one of these popular companies, you must do everything right even when you are still in your college. It is important that you give your full potentials during your college years in order to achieve good grades and incredible academic credentials. Hopefully, that will make your resume more attractive to these companies. Considering that you are about to work for the world’s largest search engine company and the most used social media website, you must come up with more efforts than doing well in your college. Not only that you need to be creative, you also have to find new ways to make your resume more appealing.

How to get a Job in Google?

Writing an exceptional resume will not be sufficient for you to get hired by the search engine giant. You also have to perform well both on the phone and direct interviews. Since you will be competing with millions of other applicants, it is important that you possess a unique set of skills. That way, you can rise above the rest and get noticed more easily. Here are several key strategies you can implement in order to have a competitive advantage over other Google applicants.

You need to understand that Google is the kind of company that operates with various sizes of teams in accomplishing their tasks. They only seek the right people to work with and they are only interested in the individuals that can demonstrate their great teamwork ability explicitly. You must show that you can work with other people in the team during your interviews as well as in your resume. It would be much better if you can have a great view on diversity. In addition to your appealing resume, you have to show that you can be the right kind of leader.

Having a college degree and coming up with a great college performance will not be enough to get hired by Google. This giant search engine seems to value your ability and willingness to learn and improve within an organization more than your college achievements. In your resume, it is important that you can show your ability to excel in job that you are applying for. In addition to that, you should show this company that you are teachable, humble and are ready to take the ownership where appropriate.

Your problem-solving ability will be tested each time you plan to work with a high caliber company like Google INC. Whatever your area of expertise is, it is crucial that you can promote your cognitive ability to come up with the right solution for the right problem. You should never have your focus mainly on getting the right answer. Instead of it, you must show Google that you have more attention on the process of resolving a sample problem.

Some innovative tactics may come in very handy in applying for a job in Google and other highly reputable companies. It is no secret that Google has their eyes on your contribution in the open source industry. You can start with giving some contribution to some open source projects. That would simply show that you can code. More importantly, this will increase your chance of getting hired by Google greatly. Alec Browntein is a great example of how innovative and creative ideas can show you a clear path to working with Google INC.

How to get a Job in Facebook?

Today, Facebook has turned out to be one of the most established and most prestigious companies on the planet. The number of people who send their applications to Facebook increases very rapidly from year to year. In general, all the above tips can be implemented when you wish to get hired by Facebook. If you like to have one more clearer path to your Facebook career, you might as well start with becoming a beta tester.


Facebook never seems to show any sign of slowing down in improving their company. They keep on evolving and coming up with plenty of changes to the platform. Obviously, this company needs a lot of beta tester to test all the new implementations. Unlike Google INC, Facebook seems to be more interactive in opening vacant positions in their company. In order to become a beta tester in Facebook, you can start with answering some of the questions related to your favorite topic.

These days, we are now living in an era filled with economic hardships. In a large number of countries, the unemployment rates are getting higher and higher every year. That makes it a lot harder for us to get a decent job and great career in a great company like Google or Facebook. It should be of no surprise to see millions of applicants sending their applications to these highly reputable companies. Google is without a doubt the biggest search engine company in the world and they are more likely to stay on top for many years to come. Despite the fact that we have more social media websites to choose from, Facebook manages to remain on the top with an array of innovations and improvements. Simply put, getting hired by one of these companies would be a dream comes true.