Topnotch SEO Agency Shares Top Google Ranking Strategies

Securing a page-one ranking on Google is becoming increasingly challenging. In this fiercely competitive environment, search engine marketers in London are emphasising on 5 strategies to push small businesses up the SERP. Read on to know more about the latest SEO trend.

Make your site responsive to reach out to mobile users

The number of mobile Internet users is steadily rising. In this circumstance, Google prioritises mobile version of websites over desktop version. Therefore, experts at a prominent SEO agency in London are making sure, their clients’ websites are compatible with all kinds of devices. Only a fully responsive website will effortlessly adapt itself on every type of device, ranging from desktop PCs, iPhones to tablets. This makes your website fit perfectly to the varying screen size and deliver the best user experience.

Publish quality Contents

Google prefers quality content. Quality content caters to other aspects too.

  • It helps increasing your brand’s awareness.
  • Boosts your click-through rates.
  • Helps your pages rank higher on SERPs.
  • Earns you social shares and last but never the least.
  • Generate your leads.

Make sure, the content is unique, original, relevant and informative for your target audience. It becomes easier to achieve your marketing goals by publishing high-quality content.

Resolve the technical SEO issues on your Websites

Some of the most common technical issues related to your site’s SEO include page loading, broken links, copied or duplicate content, unoptimised pages and improper usage of canonical links. Experts from one of the best SEO services in the city want you to make sure that each of these issues are properly resolved for your website. Your site will rank higher on Google when these issues are properly resolved.

Page Optimization

On-page optimisation of your website is very crucial and it’s much more than placing keywords on the pages. You need quality content, which is correctly structured. It’s also important to see the keywords are naturally placed. On-page optimisation also includes optimising the titles, URL structures and meta descriptions.

Title tag: It is the title of the page showed in the search engine results.

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Meta description: It provides you with the space to write a small description of a particular page. It should be within the character length of 50 to 300.

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URL structure: It is meant for the search engines to identify easily what a given page is about.

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Optimizing GMB page (Google My Business)

Search engine optimisers working at DubSEO Agency say, your Google My Business page must be the focal point of your business. This free utility is easy to update and makes a vast impact on local search results.

As the first step in this context, you should claim and verify your Google My Business listing by logging into There you must fill out as many fields as you can to ensure greater clarity. While selecting the category, you must choose the right one for your business. Include photos and videos to make your listing more realistic and interesting to the users.

Follow these strategies and make your business more relevant and popular across the web than those of your competitors.

Author’s Bio: Sanjiv Barnwal is responsible for improving companies organic search result on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many other big search engines. Sanjiv creates and launches SEO, PPC, and Facebook campaigns. Sanjiv also identifies areas of improvement and optimizes website content to improve the DubSEO website ranking on the major search engines. He is a writer who loves to write articles and blogs on different topics. Some of his great work includes – how to write SEO blogs, how to do Instagram marketing in London, why online marketing is gaining immense popularity and much more.